Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 4 Notes

April 27th, 2014.

Fight for Friendship!

Friends of friends. They’re not friends with one another, but they’re on friendly terms. Let’s see how we grow this episode, where the fuzzy feelings, and bitter tears come from this time.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Jealousy, and Speaking Up Your Mind:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 4 / One Week Friends episode 4 anime notes - Hase Yuki is jealous of Kiryu Shogo

1) “Are Kiryu and Fujimiya friends?!” – Even though Hase worked so hard that no one will learn he’s friends with Fujimiya, but he’s still devastated they think/learn she’s friends with someone else, even though he introduced them. Perhaps because he introduced them. Also, it’s so ridiculous, so hard to imagine a boy and a girl could be “friends” without it being romantic! Well, I guess with the grumpy Shogo and “Frozen-faced-Fujimiya”, it makes sense people are surprised.

2) “You’re jealous.” “Don’t just come right out and say it!” – Hase is so forthright and honest, and yet so easily flustered. Hase speaks a lot, and all he says shows his heart. Shogo speaks very little, but he doesn’t need more than that.

3) “Why didn’t you say you’re her friend then?” – “I was waiting for the right time…” No, it’s not that kind of RomCom! Shogo will not allow it. “Keep saying that, and things will never change.” This is the same message he had told Fujimiya, “You need to speak up for yourself.”

4) “Thank you for being my friend.” That’s this show in a nutshell, a heart-warming line, and one of the most heart-breaking ones. That it needs to be said, that she’s in a situation where it’s that much. She’s still great.

2) Dark Days are Coming:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 4 / One Week Friends episode 4 anime notes - Hase Yuki's dark reflection in the puddle

1) Dark Hase. A nice shot. Very uncharacteristic of him, feels more natural since it’s a reflection, so the angle is much changed.

2) Dark clouds are coming. The wind picked up earlier when they spoke of Shogo as well.

3) “All you do is speak of him. Can you stop? It’s not that it’s not fine, but it’s boring.” – “You’re right, everything I say is boring. Goodbye.” Man. MaaaaanI have nothing else to add, except how real this feels.

Saying please, with her eyes full of tears. A lance through Hase’s heart.

4) Oh noes! The diary is lost! I thought it’d take them a few more episodes to get to it.

5) “Friendship is so difficult.” That’s one of the things that truly charmed me in the first episode, how aware they are friendships require constant maintenance and reforging.

3) Making it Work:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 4 / One Week Friends episode 4 anime notes - Hase Yuki will make it work

1) “I don’t want things to end like this.” Man, we’re only in 4th episode. Guess that’s one thing manga adaptations have over anime originals, or LNs. The conflicts don’t arrive just towards the end of a book, and each manga novel often tells a mini-story of its own, so there are more conflicts and resolutions taking place.

2) Someone said over last episode, how it’s all about trust, and lack thereof. Shogo has a point. Hase thinks that over one argument Fujimiya had thrown away her diary, and their friendship. Hase… doesn’t trustFujimiya, or he wouldn’t think the worst of her, and think she valued their friendship so little. Jealousy is part of the same thing, except they hadn’t been a couple. But he thought she was choosing someone elseover him.

3) Wow, the two of them meeting on the riverbank. Episode 4? Episode 4. This would be a great moment to end the series on, not an episode. And then, “Who are you doing it for, yourself?” Reminds one of the earlier note, where she accused him of being selfish. But this time he knows and owns up to having been selfish. That’s friendship, where our selfishness benefits the other side as well, and where we accept the other as selfish, just as we are.

4) I’m melting here.

5) This show has the best sunset shots.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 4 / One Week Friends episode 4 anime notes - Beautiful sunset

First, not sure how I feel about next episode’s preview. I liked the situation as it was. I could’ve lived with it forever. But this episode was an ending, a closure, so next episode introduces new people.

I really enjoyed this episode. As I said, one can feel the manga source here, though I guess it could happen with light novels as well, if they adapt them quickly enough. This episode felt like a season finale. It felt like a strongseason finale. But we’re at the 4th episode. I guess we finished a manga volume here, and next episode we’ll start a new one.

What can I say about this episode’s themes? Hase summed it up in the end, fighting is a natural thing. The fight, and how it formed, and even the lines? They all felt natural. I feel I’ve been or seen the very same fight unfold before. Not in fiction, but in real life.

I was surprised, and touched, I got low, and felt elated. This episode was amazing.

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