Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 2 Notes

April 13th, 2014.


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Isshuukan Friends Episode 2 / One Week Friends episode 2 anime notes - Hase Yuuki and Kiryuu Shougo

Next week is “Friends of friends”, eh? And his friend picks him up, but lets him recover on his own, quite an interesting character.

It was obvious that she tried the diary before. Not only is it an obvious solution, but the small tells, and her growing trepidation. It’s like an arranged marriage, set up by your past self, who is akin to someone else altogether (take that, Nisekoi :P). I mean, even when she realized they were friends, it was still her current self making the decision. The memento feel as she put the sign up was quite ominous as well, heh.

At around 19:38, when Fujimiya started crying? It started raining in my room, what a weird coincidence, what a weird phenomenon…

And then the best moment, where she joked about how Hase-kun is selfish? It’s so easy to ruin a sad moment by moving to a joke prematurely, but this was soperfectly done.

Isshuukan Friends Episode 2 / One Week Friends episode 2 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori

I’m in love :3

Full notes:

01:03 That friend of his is really interesting, looking at him, thinking about it, and then sitting down.

3:20 Believe the person you were last week, right? Lack of faith in self comes and goes.

5:17 – Fushimiya Kaori, so cute :3

7:42 The idea of a diary is so obvious. It seems weird it never came up before. I wouldn’t be surprised if it did, but it felt so… weird to read notes someone else left, someone else who is you, so she stopped. Then again, it’s a light anime, so maybe it never came up.

8:40 Taking notes of the sandwich she’s eating rather than enjoying the sandwich? It’s so awkward! Almost like I’m passing judgment on what I am doing, right now!

15:32 – Takes courage to speak to people whom you don’t know, and then we see people on a train, each concentrating on their own selves. Well, in Israel, chatting up strangers is very common.

16:37 – And as they say goodbye, she tells him to tell her about the day. Why? Won’t she have a diary? Yeah, she acted weird about the diary, it was clear she did it before. Still, even if she’ll read the diary, it’s not the same when someone tells you in person. Especially if you’re not a great writer.

16:55 – “Hase-kun is your friend, read the diary on your desk!” – This feels like Memento :3

Isshuukan Friends Episode 2 / One Week Friends episode 2 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori

18:27 – No wonder she takes it hard. It’s as if she’s being set up for an arranged marriage, by her past self – “Trust me, you’ll like this guy!” – Last week at least, she fell in love with him over his energy. Sure, it was quick, but it was still her, rather than her other self, from the past.

19:38 When Fujimiya began crying, I began tearing up as well. Damn.

“I’ll never stop trying!” and the whole “Nice Guy Syndrome”, and he even realizes he was thinking of his own happiness. Damn.

21:20 Hahaha! And then she writes down that Hase-kun is selfish and unfair. It’s so easy to ruin emotional moments with a misplaced joke, but this was so good.

“Friends of Friends” for next week. Always quite an issue.

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