Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 11 Notes

June 15th, 2014.

Half-baked Introspection is Worse than None

Hase had decided to move forward! Because he has no other option. Hase is being selfishly selfless. Well, let’s see how it goes.

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Thoughts and Notes:

1) Reboot? Not Quite:

Isshuukan Friends episode 11 / One Week Friends episode 11 anime notes - Kujo Hajime

1) Woot! Memories again. Yeah, we’ve “reset” to an earlier point.

2) “You’re very important to me” – We’ve been here, so what are we building up to?

3) “Things are the same, yet different…”

4) ! Hajime is looking at Fujimiya and the diary, and last episode he said “Change the diary to change the past!” – He might write something into the diary! But then we’ll see how it doesn’t mesh with Fujimiya’s memories, how she rejects it, right?

5) Friendship isn’t only something you can work at, but you must. That’s the message of the show. Each time you talk to a friend, each time you make up, you reforge the friendship. You don’t need amnesia for it, it’s how it always happens. It seems natural, but it always takes actual action and effort.

6) Saki is cute, in the way little kids are cute. So helpless and awkward and earnest. Come to think of it, so is Hase. “Being Shogo is suffering” is my most common thought while watching this show.

2) A Mirror, A (Creepy) Kindred Spirit:

Isshuukan Friends episode 11 / One Week Friends episode 11 anime notes - Hase Yuki interrogates Kujo Hajime

1) Hase, asking Hajime if he actually likes Fujimiya. He can tell he’s pulling the usual tsundere routine. But Hase isn’t being a mature person here, quite the opposite. He asks instinctively, out of curiosity, but the answer will not fill him with joy, either way.

“What would you think if I said I were?” – The obvious question. Hase’s answer shows a surprising amount of self-reflection, “You’re a creep, but I’d feel an affinity with you!” – But not for acknowledging he’s sorta creepy as well :P

2) Kindred spirits! Maybe it’s time for Hase and Hajime to become best friends :P She even helped Hajime with Math, like Hase. And perhaps due to those pleasant memories she came to love Math even more.

3) The Past Hurts:

Isshuukan Friends episode 11 / One Week Friends episode 11 anime notes - Crying Fujimiya Kaori

1) “I wondered why I lost my memories, but it doesn’t bother me as much as I expected!” – No, those tears don’t strike me as tears of relief. Ah, Fujimiya.

2) Fujimiya seems sort of “lights off”, but not in the memory-less sense, but as if she’d taken an emotional body-blow. Wonder how it’d develop. I suspect no more memory-loss, but some sleepless nights, as she wrestles with it. Heck, she might not write in her diary, or manipulate it, to try and forget, only for it to not stick. Hmmm.

3) “Because I thought only of myself, I caused Fujimiya harm,” is this supposed to be in contrast to Hase who keeps thinking of Fujimiya? If so, eh, as Hase’s selflessness is selfish itself, putting Fujimiya on a pedestal.Also, really nice shot.

4) Hase-kun acting a bit shocked when he’s called “A special friend”, yes! He knows he’s selfish. Heck, he admitted it before. But now he’s realizing he hadn’t really changed.

4) Hase’s Half-Baked Introspection:

Isshuukan Friends episode 11 / One Week Friends episode 11 anime notes - Hase Yuki self-reflects

1) And Hase continues with his naïve view of friendship – “How can I let myself be Fujimiya’s friend? What if one day I’ll hurt her?” – That’s friends. You will hurt her, probably, and you have in the past. But you can make up. That’s exactly what “effort at being friends” means.

“I don’t want to see Fujimiya in pain.” Silly Hase, the only way to never see someone in pain is to not be around them. Better be around them and cheer them up when they are in pain, than let them be around people who won’t care when they’re in pain. You’re so sweet, and so misguided, Hase-kun.

2) Shogo? He just looks on as his friend is suffering, because he understands this. He’s here not to make sure Hase doesn’t suffer, which is impossible, but to help him move on, and suffer less. To turn the suffering into something productive.

3) Also, isn’t it interesting? In his attempt to keep Fujimiya at arm’s length, to keep her from emotional harm, Hase-kun is hurting her. He’s doing what Naomi had done, showing her her friend wants no more to do with her, moving away from her :<

Post Episode Thoughts:

Isshuukan Friends episode 11 / One Week Friends episode 11 anime notes - Hase Yuki's tears

Well, this is interesting. They even tied the Saki and Shogo situation into the Fujimiya-Hase situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if those one couplet has to join forces to resolve the situation of the other.

What I really liked in this episode is that this is the conflict that always kept me conflicted, yet which the show kept as an undercurrent, mostly between the watchers and Shogo. All the time Hase focuses on Fujimiya’s memory, on her feelings, and supposedly that’s where conflict lies. I said it before, “Hase is Selfishly selfless”, his “selflessness” harms his ability to be close to Fujimiya, and makes him unable to treat her as a complete human being, and in so doing ends up harming her.

How fitting that the conflict that was on the horizon due to Hase’s lack of self-reflection comes about by Hase’s self-reflection, which sees causes, but not the actual way to handle things. His self-reflection was good enough to cause a conflict, but not good enough to resolve it. Fujimiya this, Fujimiya that, and in the end it’s Hase that steps away from Fujimiya, not due to being rejected, but due to fearing he’ll break his “porcelain goddess”.

The resolution can only happen by them becoming actual friends, by him recognizing her as her own person, and bygrowing up.

Good stuff, dramaturgy-wise.

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