Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 1 Notes

April 6th, 2014.

The Choice to be Together

This anime is based on a 4-koma. That should put it squarely in the realm of repeat gags and comedy. Yet I’m here for The Feels™. A boy who likes a girl but has to win her over every week anew? That setup is indeed perfect for 4koma and such, where things are “reset” each time. But you can still slowly build on things, especially sorrow, and just look at The Tatami Galaxy for things advancing in our heads even if they don’t in the fiction.

This better be good.

Thoughts and Notes:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 1 / One Week Friends episode 1 anime notes - Hase Yuuki

1) FriendsSadCute!

2) Wait, if you lose your memory on a weakly basis, how do you handle school? :3

3) I like the pastel colours, the dreamlike quality. Memories of youth, eh?

4) “We will eat lunch tomorrow, side by side, but not together as friends.” – It’s like getting a stray cat to trust you. First you let it allow you close, and slowly it lets you touch it.

5) Big aspirations! He’ll get at least 40/100 on the next test! Well, that’s 5 times as many points as he got this time…

Isshuukan Friends Episode 1 / One Week Friends episode 1 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori

6) Love! This girl is cute.

7) Awwww. “We’re not friends, no matter what!” – So the memories will not disappear. But lying to yourself in this manner doesn’t work. 17:17 minutes in and there’s definitely something in my eye.

8) The decision to go after her, each and every time. Reminds me of Robin Williams in What Dreams May Come. It reminds me of shows where people chase after one another across reincarnations, never willing to let go. Fujimiya-san of the past week is dead, and he’s re-earning, re-bonding with her every week.

The decision you have to make each time to keep at it, rather than thinking you can just glide by. All friendships, all relationships require this form of constant reaffirmation. Here it’s made explicit.

OP – Just a small, simple number. I wonder what the lyrics say.

ED – It actually had more energy than the OP. It was another quiet bit. I liked it quite a bit.

Post Episode Thoughts / First Impressions:

Isshuukan Friends Episode 1 / One Week Friends episode 1 anime notes - Fujimiya Kaori and Hase Yuuki

loved this. Small. This is a small show, about small moments. It is a perfect fit for Sundays. It replaced Gingitsune from two seasons ago.

I definitely teared up a bit at a couple of places. Nothing grand, even the declarations are understated, but I’ve enjoyed it a lot. And next episode he’ll take her to eat crepes and sing at the karaoke.

Don’t think I’ll have much more to say about it on a weekly basis, but I will keep on watching and enjoying it. I also liked the atmosphere of the pastel colours, the fuzzy edges, and the dorky and sweet/cute character designs.

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One comment on “Isshuukan Friends / One Week Friends Episode 1 Notes

  1. NEET ADMIN says:

    Ive been thinking a lot of times If i will watch this one but now I made up my mind to watch it :) . But still I’m wondering if it’s good to watch waiting for every episode weekly or I will let it finish and then pull a marathon of all the episodes? what ya think is better?

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