Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 8 Notes

March 5th, 2014.

Inari Takes a Stand.

Well, last episode certainly brought us some tasty drama. Tanbabashi realizing he likes (is “in love”) with Inari, Inari relaying her feelings to Tanbabashi, even if behind a mask, and then saying the truth of what she defines as love, and then Uka-sama and Touka have a little spat, and Uka-sama is pulled at just the wrong moment :O

Well, this show is fun, and cute, and it’s time for another episode :)

This week’s album of Uka-sama’s faces. 43 shots. Sadly, hard-subs mean subtitles in them all. Some are “Inari-Uka”, obviously.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Touka and Uka-sama. Again? Forever:

1) Yup, in case it’s not clear, what Touka cared about isn’t whether his sister had been changed, but being lied to.

2) Hm, will Touka and Inari go to the human-side of Izumo, or the deities’? Is there actually a difference at this point? But hey, Touka is acting on his wishes, and making them known. Progress from being the recalcitrant and withdrawn chuunibyou. Well, I guess he’s still all of that, but we’re headed down the path of romance :)

3) Uka-sama is over-reacting, yes, Touka can handle a bit of a nosebleed, but this is because she’s in-looooove ~swoon~!

4) Now we take the line further, following the lines Uka’s mother had used, “She lied to me, she tricked me. She doesn’t trust me, is it because I’m human?” – But he loves her, so why doesn’t she love him back, why does she let such a silly thing get between them? :3 He treats her as just a girl, which is why it chafes to think she doesn’t treat him as just Touka, but then again, she likes him exactly for how he treats her. As all relationships (romantic or otherwise), it’s always about communication.

2) Uka-sama has it rough:

1) Heh, Uka-sama is truly on the path of a hikikomori – “Even if I dress nicely outside, I’m still going to remain a shy person who doesn’t want these dates on the inside!” – unless she’s talking about the people she’s about to date, or the concept of marriage itself.

2) “Oh? Oh? Oh???” – I chuckled. Also, the old cliché, but as I pointed out at some week of Nisekoi, a veryreal one, if you like someone, being “accused” of it by a third party may have you saying you’re not, which only piles up hardships as you reflexively deny it. But still, mother knows best, and rules over her unruly children.

3) Uka-sama is sad, because she knows her mother has a point, and can’t refute her. Hard to refute it when someone speaks what you’re already thinking, which in many shows has people reacting with outrage, outrage they truly direct at themselves. Uka-sama’s smarter than that, though.

4) The Goddess is down! I repeat, the Goddess is down, send aid! Interesting she calls for her human friends and not for her family. Perhaps she fears the other gods will learn the truth of her powers.

5) Mother is so very scary, but yeah, she only does it for the sake of her own glory? No, I think she feels sorry for her children and wants to help them, and yes, also boost her own rank. Don’t you know? Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs are all about the parents, not the children :3

3) Inari to the “Rescue”:

1) Inari’s all fired-up now! I liked how the voice register went lower as she got more and more into it. Being Inari, however, I bet she’ll get cold feet and begin to mumble as soon as she’s faced with Uka’s mother.

2) Magician Inari is dedicated! For the sake of Uka-sama, we’ll cause pain and suffering to Uka-sama, but we know not of it! I’m sure Inari will cry a lot when/if she finds out.

3) As expected, Inari’s bravery melted in the face of Uka’s mother, but at least her resolve is still with her.


1) A-yup! We can’t have an episode without finding another ramification for the power-transference! Hm. This is so very Discworld, we’re used to “Form follows function,” but Discworld also stresses “Function follows form,” and how if a concept is anthropomorphized (imagined in the shape of a human), then it’ll adopt human characteristics, such as Death. So if Inari were to adopt the form of Uka-sama, then the world cannot allow two Uka-samas, only one receptacle for her powers and duties must exist. Humans? They are as bugs :p

2) “The Heavenly Cave”? The one where Amaterasu hid, when she hid herself from the world that fell into darkness (being the Sun Goddess)?

Shorter Notes / Asides:

  1. D’oh, poor Touka.
  2. All the silly Inari faces, now on Uka-sama’s face :o
  3. Note how they still call her “Inari-chan-sama“, she still had been accepted by Amaterasu in the feast for new deities. They can’t treat her as rubble.
  4. Yes, it’ll be in the big album above, but a (classy) shot with a naked Uka-sama requires its own line.
  5. YEAH! With all of her experience observing humans and playing dating sims, Uka-sama can surely pull a Katsuragi Keima (from The World God Only Knows) and tell that Touka’s tsundere act means he cares for her ;-)
  6. Awwww, this is the perfect shot to fall in love with Uka-sama. “We’re a god, but we’re still a god, and don’t know what to do,” coupled with that hair-tug. And of course, it worked on Touka.
  7. Ah, of course, part of Uka-sama’s charm is how much she looks like Saber Lily :3
  8. Yeah, they keep saying they’re friends, but sometimes I feel as if Uka-sama is Inari’s mother :3

Post Episode Notes:

Hm, Inari needs to desperately want to give Uka-sama her power back, meaning she needs to hate herself over her powers. Letting her know the harm she causes Uka-sama would probably suffice, and I feel it’s going to happen, yet she’ll end up saving Uka-sama regardless. Perhaps she will lose the powers only to regain them, or she’ll lose them but the power of her and Uka-sama’s love will let her see her even so :3

Another fun episode, it had a couple of moments that had me chuckling due to gags, mostly involving Uka’s mother. The bits with the father felt flat for me, but I liked Inari’s fire and resolve, sticking for her friend this episode, and sticking for her friends had always been what Inari had been about.

Touka and Uka are still adorable together, and this episode ended in even more of a cliffhanger/mess than the one before. Sure, I suspect we figured what was up with Inari and Uka’s powers already, but others intervening make a difference, and finding out that the solution lies within Inari’s sadness, which Uka will not allow.

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