Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 7 Notes

February 26th, 2014.

Breaking Down and Making Progress

Where will we go this episode? Honestly, as I’ve kept saying lately, this show progresses so quickly that I don’t know. I’m almost hoping there’d be no new development, no new revelation of super powers or someone loving someone else, let the relationships deepen. I mean, Tanbabashi-kun barely had screen time, and he’s supposedly the main love interest.

Ah, who am I kidding? This show is about Inari’s escapades and Uka-sama’s love-life, so Touka getting more screen time makes sense on one hand, and same for Sumizome, because she spends more time with Inari, though Inari herself might wish for more time with Tanbabashi :P

Took so many faces of the goddess this time. Here’s an album, 37 images in all.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Inari x Tanbabashi-kun:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 7 notes anime - Tanbabashi Kouji

  1. And just on cue, Inari and Tanbabashi play the lead roles, of lovers, in a play together :)
  2. A kissing scene, for great justice!
  3. “I want to know more about you, the one who’s been watching me all this time.” – Almost makes you think, is he curious about her for her, or because she’s into him which piqued his curiosity? Then again, does it matter? Unless he likes her for liking him, and it’s all but narcissism :P (I don’t really think so, but worth noting!)
  4. It’s looooove!

2) Uka x Touka:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 7 notes anime - Uka-sama and Fushimi Touka

  1. Yes, very good, Uka, you now realize and admit to yourself you like Touka! As expected from an adult! ;-)
  2. They already have their “Couple, but won’t admit to it” RomCom routine down pat.
  3. Well, that’s an awkward moment :3
  4. Yeah, even in RomComs, even with people you’re close to, there is such a thing as “too far”.
  5. Oh noes, Touka heard the wrong thing, and then Uka-sama is whisked away without being able to explain :o

3) Inari’s Loneliness:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 7 notes anime - Fushimi Inari

  1. Inari’s famous crying face, that’s what friends, and especially Keiko are for, to cry to, to be listened to. And then the friend just walks off, and Inari’s emotions remain bottled inside. She should go and talk to Uka-sama, but I think it’ll end up with her talking to and shouting at Tanbabashi-kun, and admitting how she feels.
  2. You haven’t been shoving aside the other girls, Inari… Tanbabashi had pushed them aside cause he likes you :3 And I really like this show’s OST.
  3. “Come back, normal life! Come back, Tanbabashi-kun!” – This is a great shot in general, so many words you can append to it out of context :)
  4. Man, hating oneself. When your desires manifest without your control and alter the world around you, but if someone were to do these things on purpose, you’d despise them. Divine powers hadn’t been of much help to you thus far, eh?
  5. I think Inari is subverting the wish (no cookies if you can’t tell what I’m referencing, don’t point it out as it’s a spoiler :P) – she’s wishing to have no more wishes, she’s using her power to remove her power? Or perhaps it’s subverting Uka’s wish – Uka gave Inari powers to make her happier, but the powers are only a source of negative emotions.

4) Friends:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 7 notes anime - Fushimi Inari and Uka-sama

  1. Uka-sama best BroGoddess? That seems wrong :p
  2. No wonder Uka-sama is looking so alarmed – you don’t want to mess with your eternal mother :x

    “No mom, not the collectibles! Nooooo!”

  3. That’s Inari, always quick to help her friends, just like with Sumizome.
  4. Rehearsals with a talking invisible mini-fox. I chuckled.
  5. “As long as the divine power remains within you, we can still see you, and we can remain friends.” – On one hand, a tad selfish – even if the power makes things hard for you Inari, keep it so Uka-sama will retain her friend. On the other hand, it’s also a reminder this power isn’t all bad.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Synchronicity is often used in narratives – either one side has everything going well while everything falls apart for the other to create envy and resentment, or things go down for everyone at the same time.

Well, Tanbabashi-kun now knows he likes Inari, but how much of a dunce does he need to be to not realize “I’ve always been watching you” is also Inari’s obsession with him? The show pointed it right out, yet you’ve missed it and focused only on your self.

I suspect the way things went for Inari will also go for Uka-sama and Touka – breaking down and admitting how things are, clearing the air, and then moving on.

Touka x Uka for life.

From a meta-perspective, I went a bit over-board, took many “small moment” notes, and too many images of Uka-sama. Ah well, it’s not like you only live once or anything ;)

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