Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 6 Notes

February 19th, 2014.

Semi-confessional “Awww!”

Well, last episode ended ominously, a weak goddess, a distraught Inari, someone who made a quest and Inari who foolishly had prematurely said she’d grant it, angst and sadness in our small group of friends… well, time for, not resolution, but more conflicts, and understanding of one’s self, I guess.

This week’s album of Uka-sama’s faces/expressions. 19 shots.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Inari and Friends:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 6 notes anime - Sumizome

1) “She was jealous of me? But I was jealous of her!” which goes along with what Inari had already learnt of the transformations – you only get to see the other person’s surface. Assuming their life doesn’t let you assume their life, as inside you’re already the same. Likewise, what you want to assume isn’t their life, but what it seems to be on its surface.

2) Aww, Inari the helpful. Here too she takes a friend from Uka-sama’s page. The true reward isn’t powers, especially since they don’t help. The true reward is friendship, and the true way to help someone is by listening. Uka-sama is like Inari. Inari likes Uka-sama, who only tried to help without understanding. But Inari understands, and she likes Sumizome. Inari truly is developing into quite a goddess :P

3) “Y-you can call me Maru-chan, it’s not like I care, b-baka!”, followed by dramatic romantic music and Sumizome looking as if she just fell in love :P BTW, that was a great shot of Sumizome, or someone falling in love in a single moment, in anime.

4) Sumizome is the adult, in the one-piece, and the other two girls are kids. It’s not necessarily that she admitted liking another girlbut that she admitted liking anyone at all. You saw Inari say she doesn’t look back to school for Tanbabashi, though she totally digs him :P

5) Neat answer. “How can I get to be as close to Keiko as you, Inari?” – “We’re childhood friends,” but then rather than focus on the time you can’t make up for, she just tells her to spend more time with her from now on :)

2) Touka x Uka-sama:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 6 notes anime - Touka x Uka-sama

1) Touka, that’s not a way to treat another person, not to mention she’s literally a deity. You know who you treat this way? Younger siblings/cousins, so that’s how Touka thinks of Uka-sama.

Now he even noogies the goddess! Such impudence, but it supports my thesis of how he sees her.

2) And now Uka-sama looks like Sumizome did earlier. She’s excited at being accepted, at having a friend, and she’s in love :P

3) Heh, after playing various video games with younger siblings and cousins, I totally get Touka :D

4) A scene out of a matchmaker’s book, or even a scene as if they’re already a couple.

5) This was a pretty cute scene, between Touka and Uka-sama, but by its end it felt as if Uka-sama thinks of Touka as a grandson she’s fond of, or perhaps a childhood crush at best, rather than a current crush.

Post Episode Thoughts:

So someone admitted liking someone else, I’d consider this a win for maturity and forward progress, except they admitted it to people other than the crush object, and they’re not the main character anyway.

But the side-relationships are advancing! Uka-sama spent more time with Touka, who seems to finally be aware of the goddess’s charms.

An episode with quite a few sequences that made me go “Awww!” and smile, as RomComs which are heavier on romance than comedy should.

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