Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 3 Notes

January 29th, 2014.

Divine Shipping

Well, the ending to last episode had certainly been interesting – Inari’s brother can see Uka-sama, and he doesn’t seem happy to see a goddess being so close with his sister. What new drama will arise? And how will Inari go after her crush, now that she sees there’s nothing between him and Sumizome?

Also, just how many more lovely shots of the goddess will we get? :3

Ok, this time I took a screenshot of every single face of the goddess. It will not happen again! But have fun with 48 screenshots in this album.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Older Brothers are a Pain:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha episode 3 anime notes scary uka-sama

  1. Heh, the show caught me off-guard. No, I didn’t think it was “real”, but rather than something the older brother imagined, I thought Uka-sama is toying with him because it’s funny :3
  2. Yes, she said “chuunibyou” :P Well, I’m sure we’ll see what’s up soon enough.
  3. Ok, the “story” Touka is typing… he does suffer from chuunibyou :3
  4. So, even deities have siscons? :P More seriously, if you consider how often deities in the west/near east wed their siblings, then it’s not at all surprising. Quite often the chief deities had been siblings.
  5. A restraining order to the overprotective brother. Yeesh.

2) Touka x Uka-sama:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha episode 3 anime notes

1) Who doesn’t like an otaku goddess, who looks like Uka-sama? :)

2) Touka, you’re such a sore loser! She wants more!

3) Also, this Touka, wakes up a woman sleeping on his bed, then treats her roughly. She’s a woman, and blushes, but she’s also a goddess, and could probably school him something fierce.

4) “I’m just putting it out there, ok? But I hate you.” – Yeah, you’re just putting it out there.

5) Heh, RomCom with mystic powers, right? That’s this show. But Inari being the only one? Seems this is also Uka-sama’s RomCom story. “They asked for her hand in marriage but all they wanted was her rank, so she had given up on love!” – That’s such a common setup for RomComs, especially western movies, heh. And we just saw her blush to her toes with Touka :)

6) LOL! Uka-sama is Katsuragi Keima (from The World God Only Knows)! “The real world gods all suck, but in the game I can find people who care about me for who I am and don’t care about my rank!” :D Furthermore, that might be why she fell for Touka so quickly, assuming she didn’t just blush due to how forward he was – he didn’t respect her as was befitting for her rank, but treated her as a person; one he hates, but a person nevertheless.

3) Inari’s Human Escapades:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha episode 3 anime notes

1) Look at this look of bliss, not even caring for the bump on her head. Being young and in love is a great thing! Not really, but when it feels good, it feels really good. The real problem is how quickly you move between the highs and the lows.

2) “I hate how dumb I am” she says, but then she goes on and says “With Uka-sama’s power I can transform into whoever I want, but that doesn’t change who I am.” – Dude! Most anime characters take a full season to understand that, and we’re only on the third episode. Keep your chin high, Inari.

3) Well, that sure came out of nowhere. First I thought, “Cool, someone who’s hitting on Inari, will we have a love triangle of sorts?” and then we see him transforming into her :O That’s the sort of stuff I’d expect in the second half of a season, or the second season. They’re really pulling all the stops on the “plot-twist” chart. Heck, they don’t even give us proper time for seeing Inari transform into all sorts of people, or for the romance to try and develop, before throwing in the monkey wrenches!

Another point that this brings up is what he asked Inari, “How does it feel to be transformed into?” – Inari will have to consider how the people she transforms into might feel, had they known.

4) The Powers Within:

1) So, Touka could see the goddess long before Inari. She’s named after the god, but his spiritual connection seems to have been even stronger. I wonder what’s up with their family.

2) Hm, so Uka-sama mumbles about being returned her power in her sleep, guess she is very bothered by it, and as we see from Inari’s escapades in the Celestial City, it must truly be a Big Deal™.

3) Oh my, this transformation felt different, and then Uka-sama fell? Inari had been told she can transform into any human. This might be sympathetic magic – Uka’s magic is within herself, but also within Inari, and should Inari transform into Uka, then her power seeks to join the rest of it? I mean, if there are two humans who are the same human, it might be an issue if they die, I guess, but there may not be two deities that are the same, there can only be one receptacle of the divine power.

4) Hm, I’m not sure Amaterasu is right, that Inari will go back to being a “plain, boring human who can’t see the gods” if she loses her power – she saw the spirit fox that normal humans cannot, and Touka can see Uka-sama as well.


Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha episode 3 anime notes

  1. Man, those floating backgrounds, almost looks like a play’s set, or some paper art. I like it.
  2. Those foxes are so funny, they’re covering their eyes – Like Touka, they think things might get lewd, and they are ever respectful of their goddess’s privacy :P

Post Episode Notes:

So, Touka x Uka-sama seems like it’s going to happen. That she’s a goddess and ancient obviously doesn’t make her an expert in love and humans, and being treated irreverently is actually something that she desires. Touka and Uka-sama are also somewhat similar (and not just because I write “uka” in both their names), but they both seek refuge from the real world in their fantasies.

We keep introducing supporting cast members, having gained Miyo-chan and the Siscon-god this episode. We keep getting introduced to complications before we even have time to deal with “the normal stuff”, such as seeing Inari “just” transform, just silly antics.

I wonder where we’ll go from here, and hope we’ll get to the juicy romantic pieces soon. With all this hullabaloo about her powers, Inari doesn’t even get time with her friends, or to pursue her maiden heart’s first love.

Well, this is fun, at least :)

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