Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 10 (Finale!) Notes

March 19th, 2014.

Saying Goodbye.

Oh wow, this is the last episode, already? No, please don’t go!

Last episode ended on quite a note, with Inari learning of Uka’s predicament, Uka disappearing, and Inari running to the rescue of her (and our!) favourite goddess. Will they manage? Will they be able to remain friends? I don’t want this show to go away, dammit.

I’ve taken them every single week, but here is the last album of Uka-sama’s expressions until the June OVA. I’ll miss you, pretty goddess.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Saving the Goddess:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 10 - Finale! notes anime - Fushimi Inari and Kon

1) Funimation, whoever’s decision it was to have transliteration on the opening song as the episode played without translation as well? Yeah, that guy? Smack him.

2) An endless stream of foxes, all of Uka’s servants, rush forth to aid their mistress, to aid their dorky goddess.

3) Kon is overjoyed, seeing all of his spirit brethren, seeing his big siblings or parents become one in order to give Inari a ride. This is the foxes’ turn to shine, to come to the aid of their patron. Kon is also sad and worried. Excitement is the key word.

4) “Miss Inari, I’m about to fulfill my final duty!” – They both know what is coming, that Inari is going to give her powers back to Uka-sama to save her, which means saying goodbye to Kon. Yet, Uka-sama’s most fervent wish is to remain alongside Inari, and the show can’t simply end with them no longer being able to converse, so I doubt that’s where things will stop. I wonder if Inari will lose her powers, for a while, but I suspect they’ll give us an ultra-emotional moment where she doesn’t, hm.

5) I get it’s supposed to be emotional/oppressive, but a bit too much weight on the instrumental pieces in this episode thus far, they feel somewhat intrusive.

2) Goddess and Mortal. Two Friends:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 10 - Finale! notes anime - Uka-sama

1) Interesting. What made the powers leave Inari? Regretting her powers, having the powers bring her unhappiness. Well, Uka-sama had been worried due to the powers for a while now, and the powers are bringing her unhappiness. Is Uka-sama’s essence leaving her because she is denying her own nature by regretting her past actions, and her powers – which are her essence? Hm.

2) And now time for the moral, the same one I predicted in the very first episode when I made the comparison to HenNeko – the divine power isn’t here to solve our issues, but to force us to face our issues. Even on a story-level, it doesn’t sidestep the interesting issues of character-interaction, but forces characters to face up to their failures and desires. Everything is done by the characters, and the powers only give the story a certain flair.

3) Happy Inari, loving Inari, lovely Inari. Cutest klutz in a while. Not appearances cute, not behaviour cute, but sheer good-natured cute. The best way to describe Inari is “A good person, who tries their best.”

4) Oh yeah, speaking of morals, I can already see how it’s going to go. Amaterasu will give Inari some power so she could remain equal friends with Uka-sama.

5) Too much elegance is bad for you, so Uka-sama is giving us a face :P

6) Originally I thought Inari will forget about Uka-sama, I don’t know why I did, but it worried me much more. Good to see that’s not what happened!

Post Episode Thoughts:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 10 - Finale! notes anime - Uka-sama and Kon

This episode was actually a bit too heavy. The music was a bit overwrought, and somehow the ability to make me emotional was somewhat diminished as the show tried too hard rather than let the charm that carried it thus far keep it floating along.

I like Inari, and I like Uka, and I like how they care for one another. If anything, the one character who was somewhat absent in this whole series was Tanbabashi, but I guess this middle school student without much of a personality we know of yet can’t really compete with Touka :P

Manga, apparently a lot of material fleshing out the cast and building their relationships had been cut, so I’d give it a look, I hope.

I decided to give the show a 7/10. Was waffling, and in some ways it’s a 6 show. It did have good plot progression, it did make me happy to watch it, with a smile plastered over my face, though not as funny as comedies, or as charming as Gingitsune, but it actually packed a whole bunch of plot into these ten episodes,which was most unexpected. I don’t regret my time with this show.

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