Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha Episode 1 Notes

January 18th, 2014.

A Solid, Sweet, RomCom! – On Being Yourself

Yeah, a second week entry, RomCom, calm, similarities to Gingitsune, apparently, which I liked a whole bunch. Let’s see.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Your Regular RomCom Content:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha episode 1 anime notes

1) For those who don’t understand or missed it – her teacher smacked her in the forehead with his attendance journal, explaining the red mark on her forehead. That’s accepted in Japanese education, apparently.

2) Inari sure is an excitable girl. Well, boys, little foxes who bob their heads in assent, who wouldn’t? Ok, this is ye olde RomCom/cute girls territory, with the sparkles and the awkwardness, but yeah, it’s charming. Ilike RomComs :)

3) This girl who’s too shy to tell this guy she likes him just accidentally pantsed him in front of the whole class in gym class. Yes, she’s a big klutz, heh.

2) The Spirits are Strange:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha episode 1 anime notes

1) A great shot for “otherworldly”. After passing through countless gates, after veering off of the light area back to the older area, after leaving the road, she finally is on the threshold of the final gate, beyond which the spiritual world lays. A move between worlds, with all the physical trappings to go with it. Not too dissimilar from Spirited Away in some ways.

2) Ah, the spirits are here, or perhaps the deities, to whom she had called out. Those who watch over her, for her name.

3) Trolololol. This deity is playing dating games, and her messenger spirits read manga. Inari referencing “love quotient” and “flags” earlier wasn’t a one-off reference. These gods.

4) This deity sure is great. She is wise, and thoughtful, elegant and caring, and likes playing lewd games. Just have an album of her shots, guys.

5) So, perhaps onii-chan can see the goddess as well? Yeah, we need multiple couples, and multiple boundary-crossing people in this show :3

3) Change is Hard – Understand Thyself!:

1) Hm, what a weird request – she wished to be special, by asking to be just like someone else, by being someone else, and thus surrendering her own self, what makes her special, what makes her her.

2) And now we have the usual questions in such a situation, “When will I turn back to normal? What if I don’t?!”

3) And now she’s learning a valuable lesson, on how the gods have cheated her – “Had I been her, I could’ve said it!” – but she did ask to be her. But looking like her isn’t what she truly asked for, her personality is still her own. She still did not change inside, and as such is still unable to voice her feelings. Her transformation showed her the truth, which she knew all along, and why she did not truly receive what she asked for – what she wanted, and should’ve specified in her wish was to have Sumiboshi’s courage, and well, she did want the prettiness as well :P

In fact, her transformation is even making it harder for her to confess, for it’ll be a confession from the wrong girl, and him accepting it – it wouldn’t be granting her wishes, it’d be the utter destruction of them. Sure, she’ll hear nice words spoken at her, but aimed for another.

4) At least she has enough understanding of herself to know she hadn’t changed. Go Inari!

Shorter Asides/Production Notes:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha episode 1 anime notes

  1. Oh my, that music as they raced to work, that really reminded me of some Ghibli films, and the nostalgia made me tear up.
  2. The shrine sure is pretty.
  3. The Funimation translation here is quite stilted, and at several moments I wasn’t sure what was meant, and we’re just 5 minutes in. Hopefully some respectable group picks this up.
  4. The music playing as Inari saw her crush has a crush for someone else was quite good as well.
  5. This mid-episode still is so pretty!
  6. Cute levels, over 9000! Abort mission, abort!

OP – Though it attempts to be energetic, it’s pretty chill in the end. Nicely drawn, except for some moments where the CGI is too much. I give this opening an Ok+ rating. I am slightly worried by just how many characters we see during this sequence.

ED – Very calm, the water-colour drawings fit as well. It’s alright, I guess.

Post Episode Notes:

Ok, so we’re sure to get plenty of silliness and mix-ups with her power to transform into other humans.

This is a nice RomCom thus far, seems we’re going to get more comedy and a comedy of errors at that than romance, but that’s what you generally expect with anime these days.

But the show isn’t offensive, the characters aren’t too annoying (though the voice acting of the lead requires some stuff to be desired), and it’s pretty, and the soundtrack is fucking great – both as pieces and in how they’re incorporated into the show. You could do much worse, unless you’ve been converted to the “Things must be crazy! Super crazy! All the time!” school of “comedy” (actually humor) that had infected anime as of late.

This is a chill RomCom, and it’s nice, and sweet.

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