Hitsugi no Chaika Episode 8 Notes

May 28th, 2014.

A Break in the Woods.

  1. So villain, much gore, wow. I mean, talk about the cliched lip-licking, and then a super blood-fountain? Not impressive.
  2. That’s a very interesting coat of arms, a two-headed phoenix? When you bring one down, two will arise in its stead? The split-nature of the kingdom, seizing power via either military force or diplomatic routes? Hm. I’m reading too much into it on purpose, it’s just fun to do, sometimes.
  3. Hm, so magic fuel is essentially the memories of living things? Perhaps not “memories” as we call them, but the energy of a creature or even tree of existing? Then, Emperor Gaz had more vivid and never-ending memories? A never-ending nightmare or dream, perhaps?
  4. So minister, much important, wow. I did wonder why the general and minister were at a random checkpoint, then we see “Frol, head of the Imperial Guard.” In other words, this roadblock is the totality of the Neo-Gaz Empire, isn’t it?
  5. Akari pls.
  6. Hm, and here I thought blondie is actually pretending to be Princess Chaika to indeed formulate a home for all the people kicked out, but in the end she is just a thief. Then again, I’m already predicting that the two things are not mutually exclusive – she’s a thief, but it might be she does it in order to help the poor people who had nowhere to go after the collapse of Gaz Empire, which included herself.
  7. Chaika, you’re too nice for your own good, and you’re making it hard for Toru to be such a cynic who does the smart thing. You’ll end up changing him at this rate, perhaps you won’t fill him with the desire to do “the right thing”, but he’ll do so anyway, for your sake, becoming a hero for his actions, if not motivations.
  8. When Akari broke that grate with the aid of “Ze Silencer!” it reminded me of Gravity. Without sound, it all feels so unreal.
  9. Hope lights one’s world up! Talk about overt symbolism ;)
  10. Ok, so the opening and the ending, we see that the world is moving, the world is breathing. That incident of the Floating Fortress from before is once again relevant. Wait a moment, where did they get enough energy for a floating fortress? I wouldn’t be surprised if a remnant of Emperor Gaz is involved, and also responsible for the duke’s insanity.

“The value of memories”, both the fuel, and Toru’s past, and Chaika’s missing memories, whee.

Post Episode Thoughts:

This is another episode dedicated to showing us the people of the world, that this is indeed a post-war setting, with people trying to make by, and that even five years later, there are still repercussions, and now a new war is brooming.

I enjoyed the episode itself somewhat less, there wasn’t enough to drive it, for me. Guess need more memories as magical fuel ;-)

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