Hitsugi no Chaika Episode 6 Notes

May 14th, 2014.

Toru’s Choice


So… last week we’ve had two Chaikas. This is definitely where we learn more of the world, and of the mysteries behind this whole situation. Interesting, and about time.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Chaikas of the World – Unite!

Hitsugi no Chaika / Chaika the Coffin Princess anime episode 6 notes - Chaika Bohdan / Red Chaika

1) Does Red Chaika have a thing for Toru? It seemed so from the episode’s beginning. Is it because he cares for his Chaika, because he treated Red Chaika roughly, or just sheer animal magnetism? :P Probably doesn’t hurt his knives-on-a-string fighting style is somewhat similar to her snake sword, which she put to good use here.

2) “We have no proof that either one of them is real.” – “Well, what if both of them are real?” – Mercenary responds with “Shocking Truth!” – it’s super effective!

But seriously? That’s a really good point. Why assume only one of them is true, or that perhaps none of them are real? Also, here’s a good question – assuming they are clones, does it make them any less real than the “original”, if they share the original’s memories? Also, considering the level of MagiTech around here, I wouldn’t be surprised if father dearest, the dread emperor Graz, had made them all.

3) Angry and untrusting noble. It is known that people usually assume others are like them – someone who assumes everyone must be planning some treachery often means they would have planned said treachery in their place. I wouldn’t trust him. You can see the mad zeal in his eyes. I bet he’s one of the Eight Heroes as well.

“Purge all traitors! Or I’ll eat you!”

2) Those Who Aren’t Allies Are Enemies:

Hitsugi no Chaika / Chaika the Coffin Princess anime episode 6 notes - Chaika Trabant / White Chaika smiles

1) Red Chaika seems the perfect match for Toru – she will give him a battlefield to affirm his existence, she wants to hire him. She will do as he told his own Chaika – she will be determined, no hesitation, she knows what she wants to do. But here’s the thing, when Toru had said to Red Chaika – “Fighting on the battlefield is what makes us Saboteurs” I thought he’d follow with “But our human relations is what makes is human.” – He didn’t say it, but to me it’s the unspoken message.

Also, remember what I said above of the angry noble? She asked Toru to betray his ally for gain, which means she might be willing to betray him for gain. Also, why trust someone who already betrayed one master for more money?

2) “I’d rather be there for the one who needs me more.” – It’s about affirming his existence. Fighting is one way to do it, but helping someone who relies on you and trusts you is another – and sometimes it’ll even mean fighting.

3) Toru will not hesitate. It’s ok if Chaika hesitates, because he will be there, for her.

4) Ooooh, yes, yes. The Saboteur’s pledge, the call to his powers – he says he is a tool, one which will have no hesitation, one that only exists to fulfill another’s directives. But, it’s all about killing. Will a new pact arise, when he will be a tool, that should not kill?

5) “Someday, we will finish this. It is fate.” – Talk about laying out the groundwork for future situations.

Shorter Notes / Asides:

Hitsugi no Chaika / Chaika the Coffin Princess anime episode 6 notes - Acura Akari is a joker

  1. So we’ve had lightning-shooting double-headed wolf-dogs. Cockatrices shooting light-beams you can reflect makes sense, considering they, like the Basilisk, are known for turning people to rock.
  2. “Endless amounts of fossilized magic fuel.” – Interesting, what sort of magic had been fossilized? Or is it normal fuel that they used magic to fossilize? Or just ye olde fuel, that in this world they mistake for magic? Who knows, but I’m curious :)
  3. White Chaika smile! Soon, it won’t be Toru that is convinced to work for Red Chaika, but mercenary who will work for the charming White Chaika.
  4. This is such a Dungeons and Dragons town. Thought of it earlier when Akari just walked around town with a warhammer on her shoulder, and now as two groups of armed individuals, with at least one person having their hands tied just stare at one another in the central plaza? :o LOL
  5. Akari, telling us how it is – Toru’s constant weapon-maintenance was his nervous tic, the tell that he’s worried. Also, Akari, you don’t know how to tell jokes, you look like a total dork here.

    Ooooh, that’s Fredericai!

  6. Pleased Chaika agreement.
  7. “That which slashes, come!” or “That which blinds, come!” – Has a certain grace over “Ze Blinder!” and “Ze Slasher!” – But lacks some of its raw charm ;-)

Next episode’s preview – Chaika is such a joker! – Of course, the person she is next to makes this much more interesting…

Post Episode Thoughts:

Hitsugi no Chaika / Chaika the Coffin Princess anime episode 6 notes - Chaika Bohdan / Red Chaika

First, I want to discuss something not as relevant – Frederica. Frederica is a powerful dragoon, who could have turned the 3v3 fight on its head with ease. Frederica is a plot-device, however. She is so powerful, that from the serious guardian she had been before, they had made her a whimsical character, who one can never be sure what they will do – she will intervene, or not, as the plot will demand. She is a very clear case of a plot-device, who usually acts as comic-relief or solves situation, because she is too hard to work around otherwise. Makes her inclusion in the series seem an odd choice, then.

This episode had some neat action, though I was sad the cockatrices had been so easily dealt with. But in the end, this was Toru’s episode. Toru is the only real character in this show thus far. Chaika is a moe-bot, and Akari barely speaks. From our trio of main characters, Toru is the one with motivations and personality. White Chaika acts based on “destiny”, but it is Toru who must decide.

So this episode, like most “non-plot” episodes was a Toru episode. In this, he didn’t just join Chaika for the chance of action, or to affirm his existence, but had made clear why he truly joined her, and what sort of person he is.

Also, a small aside, quite a few faces this episode hadn’t been super well-done.

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