Hitsugi no Chaika Episode 5 Notes

May 7th, 2014.

Chaika? No! Dark Chaika!

Hitsugi no Chaika / Chaika the Coffin Princess anime episode 5 notes - Acura Akari goes for torture


No! Sith Chaika!

Emperor Palpatine, father! Must resurrect!

Dark Chaika! Dark Chaika!

1) “As our employer, you only need to give us a direction, we’ll do everything else.” – Toru presents himself as a tool, one that need not concern himself with morality. Chaika is akin to a military commander. All of the decisions and their ramifications are up to her. But it sort of feels as if it’s the opposite as well, where she gets to keep her hands clean, and he tells her not to think over what will happen, just to think of her objective, and they will dirty their hands for her.

So, I think Toru wishes for Chaika to not take responsibility, but his behaviour pushes it all onto her.

2) Vivi is so much like Frederika, in terms of behaviour and atmosphere, and how they look, with the cheeks ;-)

3) I’m actually surprised it’s so hard to find out even who the 8 heroes are. I mean, they’re The Eight Heroeswho took down Emperor Graz. You’d think more or less everyone would at least know their names. Heh.

4) Chaika’s poker-face sure is… something else, alright.

5) Ooooh, a 2nd Chaika, and this one truly is a dark Chaika! Well, we’ve been told there had been… other Chaikas in the past. So it was only time before we ran into some of the others, and tried to sort out who’s “real” (are they all?) and what’s going on. This world does have quite some technology and magitech, so cloning is indeed a possibility.

6) “We’ll have to torture her.” Well, seems Toru and Akari know how to apply psychological pressure on little Chaikas, such as by calling them “Sticky” (Nebaneba) repeatedly, heh. Also, Chaika Bohdan, as opposed to Chaika Graz. Hm.

Red Chaika no want torture! Well, this one certainly seems more spirited than our Chaika, and more mature.

LOL, this is indeed torture, seeing someone else eat and say how good it is. Ok, I guess this episode is comedy and levity amidst the serious mystery.

7) That blush. I guess Red Chaika really is… Chaika!

Post Episode:

Hitsugi no Chaika / Chaika the Coffin Princess anime episode 5 notes - Chaika Graz -

Man, a good spot to end the episode, in how much it makes me wish I could immediately watch the next one. I’m curious. Clones? Sisters? Perhaps each Chaika has a different goal and governing emotion, and it’s a test to see which one should pick up the remains, and thus decide the fate of their father, and the world?

This episode was really amusing. A lot of really funny bits.

I guess if I had to summarize this episode it’d be:


No! Chaika!

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