Heavy Object Episode 2 Notes

October 10th, 2015.

Much Improved, Still No Good.

Heavy Object anime Episode 2 notes - Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell on white flags

This was a much better episode than the first, with characters showing agency, with action, with some beliefs being tested, etc. This is what the premiere should’ve been like, especially for an action show. But in spite of how much better it was, it had big caveats, so at best it was average.

The show is just so archaic, the whole “White Flag relying on chivalry,” and “You’re not even a noble, so stop acting the Knight,” it’s just your usual fantasy noble LN material, dressed in futuristic dressing. And it didn’t help that we’ve had our pilot, aged 14, drop with her boobs right on Qwenthur’s hands, and him comment about them at length.

Someone warned me of this in advance, that bit with Qwenthur saving Milinda had issues – he has to face the issue of killing people, so the show paints them as would be torturers and rapists, so as to take away their humanity. He still killed them, and I hope the show does show him still struggling with it later. By the by, one of the reasons the target practice uses man-shaped targets is to train us to not view the other side as humans, to train us to shoot at human-shaped objects.

And of course, Milinda’s “terrible thoughts” about how she “looked down” on the other soldiers who couldn’t protect themselves and relied on her. Yes, thes how called her out on it, but this is straight out of shoujo RomCom territory with “I’m so terrible and lewd because I want to hold hands!” Well, overall it’s been a big improvement, but every time I actually turned on my brain and looked at how the characters were behaving I had to groan. Is this worse than your average LN? No, I’m just getting old and cranky, I think. Or is it worse than average? I think if you just excised all the tropey moments, it could be a respectable show, but it seems as if the show is running on tropes to drive its plot – “We’ll take down the invulnerable Object,” “I must save the Noble Pilot!” etc.

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