Hamatora Episode 2 Notes

January 18th, 2014.

Delivering Hard Truths

Let’s try for post episode notes/things worthy of mention only.

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Things get Serious – But Our Villain’s a Joke:

Hamatora the Animation episode 2 anime

1) Their teacher is dead, found in a freezer? Well, things certainly took a turn for the weird. Sure, otherwise they wouldn’t get called, but these “normal” cases keep becoming weird.
Also, someone targeting people with powers, removing their brains – is this Heroes? Where’s Sylar? LOL.

2) So our villain is a sharp-toothed freak who says to his brains they’re beautiful, goes on a stroll with them, and cackles on his own… talk about cliched :-/

3) Also, seems he can recycle brains, since he can give them, then take them away from the artificial Minimum Holders?

2) Nice Delivers – Crushing Truths:

Hamatora the Animation episode 2 anime

1) “I finish any job I accept!” and “Some people need someone to lean on, living a lie is not that bad.” – which Nice rejects. Nice believes you must face the truth and stand tall! But sometimes the truth crushes you, especially when your posture isn’t stable enough to begin with. Once you’re sure of who you are, you can take some hits, though if you never have to find out, you might never know, eh? Still, you can’t force people to change and face the truth just because that’s how you’d like to face things, Nice.

2) Look how happy Nice is, after delivering truth that can crush Theo. Perhaps Theo will now be able to reconstruct himself, but perhaps it’ll shatter him completely. In some ways, Nice is a bully as well.

3) It’s unclear though, it seems Kitazawa didn’t really orchestrate the beatings, but just took the posts from online and converted them to images with his power, unless he had the bullies bully Theo, so he’d have what to draw, which is what seems to have happened. Also, aside from being overjoyed over the bullying, he was also overjoyed by “bullying” the bullies – getting them expelled, which some would call “just deserts”.

4) Yup, this is what happens when you force people to face reality when they’re not ready – it backfires and they draw even farther back from reality. Pay attention, Nice.

3) Murasaki Delivers Truisms, and Contradicts Himself:

Hamatora the Animation episode 2 anime

1) Murasaki is right, so Theo cared for someone who ended up not deserving it, but the action of caring for someone, it’s still not wrong, especially with the information he had.

2) “Feelings aren’t black and white. Even if they’re fuzzy or contradictory, if they’re sincere, they are what they are. Just follow your heart.” – Which is why he couldn’t argue with Nice. Nah, he doesn’t even have to necessarily believe what he’s saying, he’s looking to help Theo reconstruct himself, and yes, he’s sort of contradicting himself from earlier, when he said it’s fine to live a lie – but he just accepted feelings can be contradictory, and his goal was always to help Theo feel better, so it’s fine, and follows.

And he closes with “Be true to yourself,” which could be lying to yourself, if that’s what is necessary.

3) Contradictory Murasaki – “People like you make me sick, you can’t even face your own weakness,” when he said sometimes it’s ok to live a lie, and not face reality. I think the issue is that Theo knew his weakness, he just chose not to face it on his own. Well, in case you didn’t get it from the last two episodes, Murasaki keeps sending off life-messages, which contradict one another. My take-away here is how cool Murasaki looks – and that might be the goal. He always gets to deliver “The Cool Lines™”, even if they contradict what he said a couple of minutes ago.

Shorter Asides:

Hamatora the Animation episode 2 anime

  1. You can’t take this show’s great use of colours and just how bright and vivid it is away from it.
  2. Fried cutlets? Did you just say fried cutlets?! – No, I don’t think Nice is going to give this up without a fight ;)
  3. Considering all the time spent on “lame names”, I don’t understand. I feel I’m missing something.
  4. “Art” – a funny English name, and now he says “Graduate of Facultas University, just like us” – so this cop is a minimum holder as well.
  5. Such a colourful show, so pretty.

Post Episode Notes:

Eh, the show is pretty, but there’s hardly enough action going on. The cases are a bit dull, and just oh so happen to all be tied to whatever else the group was working on. The characters are sort of cool, but it feels they try too hard to be “cool” and “awesome” to actually be, well, cool and awesome.

Well, it was becoming a mystery, and as such the villain and face-off are very relevant, but I facepalmed very hard when we saw our so-called “villain”, and even if later we discover someone else was behind him, then it still doesn’t excuse it. Feels to me the true core of the show is learning about Nice, and his past, and the Minimum Holders, while often using that as the back-drop for other stuff. Just not really feeling this show yet.

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