Hamatora Episode 1 Notes

January 7th, 2014.

First Impressions – Your Standard Prescription of Popcorn

This is another popcorn show, right? Let’s see what I wrote about it while preparing for Winter season, because I gave it a 1.5/3 “expectation rating” which is pretty high. Ah yes, it’ll also have some mystery and not just action, perhaps. Premise reminiscent of “Getbackers” which was just ok.

First Impressions:

Hamatora anime episode 1

  1. This anime sure is colourful. All them coats.
  2. The translator had used the word “replete”, I wonder how many people who’re watching these subs don’t actually know what it means.
  3. “Our lives are overflowing with both happiness and misfortune, yet because we cannot see the excess from within ourselves, we still feel unfulfilled. Given that we are capable of acknowledging neither excess nor deprivation, we might as well not exist.” – Wow, I didn’t expect such a monologue right out of the gate, though it’s indeed the best way to give it, aside from the ending (and it’d also make for a great cyclical ending, if they use it in the last episode).

    It’s an interesting message, if we can’t tell excess from deprivation, happiness from sadness, we may as well not have emotions. If we’re empty inside, then we may as well not live. But here’s the thing, we’re not empty inside, we’re overflowing with emotions, so much that we can’t ever stop to take a look at them. So perhaps what’s needed is just a change in perspective, rather than a change within. And if we can’t see it from within ourselves, others might see it for us.

  4. “In other words, you can’t draw coins from an ATM, it’s common sense.” – So much for all my text above :P He’s basically telling him, “You may as well kill yourself” ;-)
  5. Colours, colours everywhere. Colourful crew, colourful setup. At least vibrancy is neat.
  6. You’d think they’d want Hamatora to open the case, rather than just safeguard it as it is O.o
  7. With all that talk of how we’re full or empty within, this empty glass is an apt metaphor for Nice’s financial situation, and soon the contents of his stomach. Metaphor? It’s the cause for both as well ;-)
  8. Huh, interesting. The police asking PI mavericks to help them with a case, hm.
  9. Voice actors, quite a few of them seem to come from Hataraku Maou-sama, the atmosphere is more or less identical, at least.
  10. And just like that, in case you missed it, the show told us all these girls had picked up prostitution as a source of income.
  11. “Cars aren’t meant to be thrown, they’re meant to be driven.” – That’s some Spiderman-level witticism for you, guys.
  12. Well, that sure is a way to end a first episode – “A serial killer targeting Minimum Holders.”

OP – Stylized, good energy. I like. But just like with the sequences during the opening monologue, it’s clear they don’t have much money and are using distinctive visual direction to get away with stills. But hey, better than try to animate everything and it looking even worse.

ED – Again, good energy, though less energetic than the opening, as can be expected.

Thus far, it seems Minimum Holders are about changing your inner reality, or subjecting the world to your reality, to your perceptions.

Post Episode Thoughts:

The actors are all solid actors, and the characters seem to work fine off of one another. The vibe is very Hataraku Maou-Sama, for the voice acting and character interaction, so use that as your guideline.

The characters and setting are very “X-Men”, or Getbackers, etc. It’s pretty standard stuff, but it can be fun, especially with Spider-Man-esque witticisms. I guess it can also be compared to Index, both are popcorn shows, both have people with such powers (on the Science side, at least), and yeah.

If it’s a popcorn show, then it looks like it’ll be a pretty standard one, nothing special, but pleasant, and colourful. The question is how much mystery will play a part in the show, but honestly, considering what we’ve seen thus far, I don’t expect that much.

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