Golden Time Episode 2 Notes

October 13th, 2013.

Minimal notes as I watch, no time to lose.

Thoughts and Notes:

Makes you wonder if he lost his memory, those bandages around his head.

That elevator/silent movie music constantly playing in the background is annoying, but at least now I can hear the actors…

Now I wonder who that sad girl looking at Banri’s back is. Ah, Linda. Why do you look so sad? And we even get to see you looking sad at night, I guess we’ll get quite some backstory about you.

Yeah, someone who “Nyas” in their speech and isn’t being a nekomimi or otaku (Genshiken Nidaime)…. ಠ_ಠ

I wonder what it means that the show is named after the name of a club/restaurant, hm.

When Kaga-san had her monologue about her clubs, I realized it’s Yui Horie voicing her, whom we know as Hanekawa from _gatari

Post Episode Thoughts:

The terrible production is still distracting.

Show has quite a few funny moments, but they’re generically funny, I’ve seen the exact same situations in many other shows, they don’t really arise from the characters or situations of this show.

Also, for a “Character drama”, we’ve had absolutely zero character interactions in two episodes, which is very disappointing. We’ve had characters monologuing at one another, but no actual interaction, no chance to even tell how their chemistry is, which is terrible, two episodes in.

Also, rather than give us plot, they tell us our characters are troubled/have troubled past… really.

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