Golden Time Episode 1 Notes

October 4th, 2013.

Slice of life, romantic comedy? College? I suspect this show might be fine marathoned post season, but let’s see what we’ve got here.

Thoughts and Notes:

Not a fan of the piano playing in the beginning, way too affected. Along with the Springtime flourishes top and bottom just afterwards, some silent movie/french film wannabe affectations.

OP thoughts – this reminds me of Friday by Rebecca Black, that’s not a good thing. I’m also beginning to think it won’t evenbe a RomCom, but a too-sweet romantic sappiness. Well, I won’t let the OP get too much to me..

And now Mission Impossible music as someone’s running late. The producer here should learn some about “Less is more”, but the overt tones of music makes me think it might be filled with gags. Or that combined with the OP, this show’s music-director is just bad.

Note: Need to find another source for this episode, background noises too loud, main voice too low. Hope it’s not a problem with the actual show, cause that’d be poor.

Animation quality is quite awkward, when people are moving.

The rose petals and the music as the girl appeared, how… overdone. This show isn’t trusting itself so is hammering at us, hm. Also, speak of a “Calamity” – I thought she’d be driving a car and it’d smash into trees or something next to them, heh.

Interesting, while mimicking her “Blah blah blah”, he was barking, so is she a bitch? He was also roaring behind the barks, so is she a lioness? Also, how long until they notice her sitting behind them? And yes, someone with a plan that won’t let reality get in the way is scary – determinators, those who will force their will on reality, no matter what, are scary.

When we had just the trio of them, I wondered if it’d be a show aimed at men or women – two boys with one girl? I was leaning at a boy-aimed show, due to the marriage-fright being weird in a girl-focused show. With us just meeting two more girls for Banri to be interested in, I guess we’re going deep into “I don’t know which girl I really love, I love them all!” territory.

“I want to fall in love.” – I’m not so sure anymore, though yeah, many guys online actually say that, but I wonder if they’ll release an anime like that, just stating it :3

Post Episode Thoughts:

Yeah, I’m really not sold on this show. The slice of life, the romance… the main character actually doesn’t interest me. I prefer spineless or whatever, but this one is just not exuding any vibes.

The production quality/choices are atrocious. The designs aren’t bad, but they are quite boring. The execution though…

Some sequences, such as the club recruiting, they should be over the top, they should be funny, but for me they just fell flat and felt like the show was trying way too hard.

I have 22 shows that interest me, I need to cut at least 10. This show is likely to be one of the first to go. I’ll try and give it another episode or two to actually sell me on the emotional component of the show, but right now, he he clutched his heart after getting the air-kiss, and the yandere couple? Just not selling me. It’ll make or break based on emotional investment, so better make the characters and their relationships more relatable. No, “pick up papers with you” is not enough.

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