Glasslip Episode 2 Notes

July 20th, 2014.

Supernatural Melodrama Extravaganza!

Glasslip anime episode 2 notes - Fukami Touko can't understand

Screenshot album.

The episode began the same way last one ended, with great and ill-fitting, over-the-top classic piano music, going alongside dire and obtuse pronouncement amidst a group of silly teenagers, and I was reminded of being unable to decide whether the show is really good, or really terrible.

After this episode, the show that’s closest to Glasslip in my eyes is Kyoukai no Kanata, with a dose of Clannad, Hanasaku Iroha and AnoHana on top. It’s as subtle as a sackful of hammers.

Taking the most over-the-top pieces of “foreshadowing” and “Death flags” from melodramatic dramas, as well as RomComs, we see how everyone has a crush on someone, and none of them are reciprocated. We can see people gearing up to confessions, just so others will make them first, in front of them. Nothing goes well, eh?

And then we have the glass, oh yes, the glass! A way to show friendship, a way to connect the group, and to also rope in the new guy. New guy? Guy who sees into the future! He and Touko are connected by fate! I mean, they both can either hear or see, she with the glass and he with the music, but together they can both see and hear, fragments exist both in music and in glass, right?

Glasslip anime episode 2 notes - Fukami Touko declares dating is allowed!

Wait, what?! See into the future? It’s this kind of show? Alongside the stammering, the almost reaction-faces, and the new supernatural vibe, it truly feels as if we’re in Kyoukai no Kanata land. The supernatural isn’t there because it’s important, either, it’s there because it’ll create more tension amidst the group. Because it’d force our ditzy heroine to make decisions, and to face the truths of growing up. The future is like a train that comes to run you down.

The show is still very beautiful, but unlike Kyoukai no Kanata, it’s beautiful in still shots. There are almost no actual scenes with real movement in the show, usually a limb or just the lips, it’s as if we’re watching a Visual Novel, which would also explain all the vagaries of time…

Is this good? No, it’s really not. It’s almost unintentionally hilarious how over the top everything here is.

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