Glasslip Episode 1 Notes

July 3rd, 2014.

First Impressions

Screenshot album, very beautiful show.

OP – A nice, chill number. Very pretty.

ED – It had chibis, but man was it annoying in a chipper sort of way.

Glasslip anime episode 1 notes - Sure is pretty

Let’s talk of the visuals/production for a moment. In the beginning it slightly reminded me the atmosphere in Kiki’s delivery-service, almost post-WW2 Europe as it’s often depicted in animation. The “artistic wide brush” view is very nicely done, the view through glass is also neat… the character designs are sharp and crisp, though I feel we’ve seen most of those characters. Also, Sachi is basically Chihiro and Hiro is Tetsuduou, from AnoHana, the most P.A. Works show not by P.A. Works.

Keeping on visuals, the way they actually drew Touko (main MC!) as ditzy, “Non-sharp” and cutesy, alongside with a sweat-bead to convey her random and ditzy nature was cute. It was so outside the way the show depicted everyone else, but it felt like a breath of fresh air.

Music-wise, the music in the beginning reinforced the “Ghibli film” atmosphere, but the grand and terrible (as in “terror”, not “bad”) music in the end was so over-the-top that I laughed and wondered if I was watching Princess Tutu for a moment (great show). I’m not sure how I feel about the music being so overwhelming, but it’s there.

Final note, the deeper and more natural Hayami Saori does her voice, the more I like her. I don’t like her at all when she’s in the Ayase/Miyuki voice-mode.

Now, for plot:

Glasslip anime episode 1 notes - Wishes

“If you say your wishes out loud, you end up granting them yourself. So instead of saying ‘we won’t come here’ ((or “I wish we’d come here again.”)) you should say, ‘let’s come again.'” – The whole segment felt like the finale of a show, and this in particular – “We can choose whether we’ll keep meeting or not, so let’s decide!” – And this is the same sort of conflict as in Nagi no Asukara, and this is important because if you miss it then there’s no conflict in the show yet, the conflict is between change and lack thereof.

These are teens who are about to graduate to “Adulthood”, so they’ll go through these changes together, changes who will also change their group dynamics, especially as some pine after others who don’t pine after them (ye olde P.A. Works Romantic Drama storytelling), but others tell us that change cannot be stopped. We’ve also had our share of meaningful glances in the whole fireworks display, which we then find out are between siblings? Unless those two aren’t siblings and just live together, with the girl pining after the boy who pines after newboy who…yeah.

“Jonathan the chicken is from somewhere else, “so that’s why it’s not fitting in.”” – And even if it’s not true, the new boy already painted himself as someone not fitting in, and placing it on being new. Then he toys with Touko, or he lets Touko toy with herself on account of him. The bit in the diner later with how “I saw what you saw back then” was sort of crap.

Glasslip anime episode 1 notes - Fukami Touko thinks of David

I laughed out loud at the whole chicken bit, and liked Touko drawing the chicken.

Oh yeah, the way they just introduced all the disparate characters and shifted between “David” and the others in the beginning? Eh. Pretty, but felt out of place.

Overall? This show is great, and terrible, cliched, and a breath of fresh air (with adding some comedy), it’s beautiful and it’s cliched. I don’t know if I like it, or if I’m super-tired of it. It’s not really interesting, because the conflict is one we’ve seen countless times, from these very people, but I actually liked it.

I don’t plan to do weekly write-ups for it, but though at least for the first episode, I’d crank something a bit more out than a paragraph or two.

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