Gingitsune Episode 9 Notes

December 1st, 2013.

A Small, Charming Episode.

Well, time to get back to normal episodes, with less Funabashi! Let’s see what those noisy kids are up to!

Thoughts and Notes:

The three of them sighing one after the other was cute :) Also, seems Haru is learning to master some powers.

What was the point of the pre-opening segment? Do we need to have a point – but just to show us a peaceful setting, a calm day. Well, let’s see something disturb the peace now.

That face on Haru, that attitude, “Snerk, you’re gonna trust the forecast?” – so precious, so dorky :) Made me snicker.

All of those faces make me chuckle some more. Haru is like a fussy baby, or a small child the relatives brought over, and Makoto is trying to pacify her. I keep forgetting Haru’s a girl :3

Sorry guys, I’m just sitting here laughing all the time :D Haru should also grow up, but as a child, it makes sense she’ll say these things. Also, the pre-opening sequence, guess it also went to show us how they care for Tatsuo (Makoto’s dad). He’s a good person.

Haru, where is your elderly spirit, where is your wish that there’d be peace? ;_; Baka Haru, you’re just one more of the children. Well, before we had a domestic scene which was quiet, now it’s noisy, but it’s still very domestic.

Heh, Gin isn’t being nice to Haru, he’s saving himself from future headaches :D That’s our Gintaro-“sama”, heh.

Gintaro is too old to be ashamed of his nature, he’s saying it as it is – that’s what old cranky men are often depicted as, and that description certainly fits Gin :)

Post Episode Notes:

Feels a bit silly to write “Post Episode Notes” this week – this was an entirely domestic episode, this was slice of life, but the heralds’ life which we got a slice of. This episode was silly and simple and charming, and if it’d been day-time here rather than night, I’d have gone outside for a walk after watching this :)

Well, seems next week, we’ll finally get some of the promised Kendo-club action.

Let us finish with Haru skipping up before plopping down to watch an episode of her favourite show – Gingitsune.

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