Gingitsune Episode 8 Notes

November 24th, 2013.

Funabashi Can’t Carry an Episode

Funabashi-san’s episode, the proper daughter who doesn’t want to be thought of as such. Let’s see where they take it :3

Super Asides:

  • Well, I certainly had no clue about the lower right hand until now.
  • Yeah, that’s quite a constipation, to cause such pains that people take you to the hospital, or someone exceedingly unused to pain ಠ_ಠ

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Student Council President Sucks:

  1. Hm. He’s not thinking these things, he’s saying them out loud. No wonder people look so uncomfortable, except Funabashi who underwent change and is unperturbed now.
  2. Well, it’s clear who’s doing all the work in this student council. Most definitely. Man, that’s a perfect gif moment.
  3. Oy, this student council president is way over the line here >.< And he’s supposed to be a proper Japanese boy, oy.

2) Funabashi’s Family-Life/Whose Driver Is it Anyway?:

  1. Hm, that was quite a long talk in the car in the red-light. It’s not like there was a lot said overtly, or even a lot of subtext – most of it went unsaid. How both of them like one another, how Funabashi barely knows her father, how people often say things which they then worry could be interpreted in other ways – this section had no comedy, no drama, it was purely slice of life.
  2. “Your father buys his own ties for work, so you should decide based on what you want to give him as a present.” – So yeah, if he wears a lot of blue clean-cut ties, he probably has enough and doesn’t need another – unless you find out that’s the only kind he likes, I’d give him something different >.>
  3. “He’s my youngest assistant, he’ll be taking care of you.” – Man, using political assistants like that for ministers around here is against the ethical code. Anyway, just handing her off to what is essentially a nanny – nope, he’s definitely your driver :3

3) The Foxes Steal the Show:

  1. Man, all those shots of the two foxes looking exceedingly domestic. Looks like papa Gintaro and baby Haru here. I also like the warm colours of this shot.
  2. Hm, very interesting. They can hear wishes made. The ontological repercussions are huuuge. Ahem, I’ll leave it here before I geek out and scare everyone away.

Post Episode Notes:

Erm, last week I said of that episode that it was my “least favourite” episode, but that it was still quite enjoyable. This episode? It’s the first episode of the show I actually dislike.

Slice of life, something I often say I like when it’s “true slice of life”, that is relevant to people’s lives, rather than “doing nothing and being cute.” – I mean, I lapped that stuff up at Genshiken Nidaime like nobody’s business. But that requires you to like, dislike, or in other words at least care for the characters, or them being able to carry their scenes.

Funabashi is just dull, and as a result, this episode not only felt like it was going nowhere, but felt listless. Sure, Driver x Funabashi was alright, and made me smile a couple of times, but he’s a character we don’t care for at all, and she’s a character we care for only a tiny bit – and the episode suffered.

Hoped that at least it’d set future episodes with her better, but the episode didn’t make me care for Funabashi-san more, which is the greatest shame :(

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