Gingitsune Episode 7 Notes

November 17th, 2013.

Monkeying Around With Comedy Time.

Well, time to meet more heralds and learn more of the rules of this crazy world :3

Thoughts and Notes:

Shohei’s mother said “Ma-ma” (“Now, now”, or “well, well”), just like Makoto did earlier. Makoto is the old woman of the group, which is funny considering how childish she often is. To put it better, she’s the placating one, she’s the mediator, the one who stands in the middle. Which is fitting, standing between Gintaro and humans; but you’d think Gintaro, being a medium, would also be of like behaviour, right? :P

So, shrine is for the gods, while a temple is for buddhist meditation. I wanted to say something about size, but Satoru’s shrine is huge.

Talking of “old men talk”, we have Gin with his “Yare yare” (“Good grief” seems a good translation) – and well, do you feel left out, Gin? [“They see heralds every day.”] – Yeah, you don’t get people excited, you’re too calm, but isn’t that how you like it, or at least how you say you like it, Gin?

Crying Haru is so adorable! It’s amazing Haru is supposed to be a fox, and not a cat. I’d have never guessed.

Oh boy, I wouldn’t say that right now. Though to be frank, as a watcher on the other side of the screen, I’ve spent the last couple of minutes alternating between chuckling and outright laughter. The “silly time music” playing in the background was oh so fitting for them monkeying around. Also, we know Gin knows how to get on top of shrines’ scaffold-gates or roofs, but the monkeys don’t.

Old Man Gin is best Gin, and best old man :D

And here we indeed have Makoto talk of the role of those with the sight to serve as a bridge between the heralds and humanity. I still want to see the gods the heralds are the heralds of. By the by, this isn’t a moment where I feel smart for saying something before the show does, just that the show is consistent about its messages and it’s not the first time we’ve heard this specific message.

And yes, I just have a lot less to write when the focus is on comedy.

Post Episode Notes:

Well, this is my least favourite episode of the show thus far. I didn’t dislike it, I mean, I laughed and chuckled a lot, and how can I dislike these moments? But it was still the episode I liked the least thus far. I also much prefer to tear up, yo.

Satoru and Gintaro are quite similar, in that they exude an air of “This is so bothersome!” but Gintaro is in part due to his age, and poor Satoru can’t escape notice like Gintaro can, though it often feels Gintaro would like Makoto to not pay him any mind either ;-) Well, this episode did weigh quite a bit with the annoying monkeys – while I was laughing at their antics, I didn’t care for them as characters.

Next episode seems like it’ll be focused on Funabashi-san, who, well, in spite of seeing her falling for Makoto’s father, and even her blowing up in episode 2 telling us she’s not just a goody-goody, feels like a pretty dull and “slow excitement” character, in that she doesn’t seem to add much to scenes she’s in. Well, they’re going to give her another episode, and I hope they use it well, and also use it so we’ll enjoy scenes where she appears in the future more, rather than less, or just as much if she hadn’t been there.

Well, see you next week, and may the gods be with you :p

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