Gingitsune Episode 6 Notes

November 10th, 2013.

The Girls Invade

So, we’ll finally get to see what Satoru and Haru are like under their masks, and now we’re going to stress-test everything within our show as the girlfriends are going to meet Satoru, and Haru is going to observe. This should be fun, in a slice-of-life way. Guess we’re going to alternate magical realism and high school stuff, but well, when they’ll get truly integrated it’ll be fun – maybe it’ll be this episode :3

Thoughts and Notes:

Heh, if Satoru is pulling an Amaterasu-sama, are you saying he’s the sun, and without him your day is dark? More like he’s so glum, and you wish him to brighten up ;) – Silly father jokes!

I’m laughing so hard I’m crying here – Gintaro is just being a gruff uncle, in his eyes, and “Makoto doesn’t mind” when he hits her, but she clearly does seem to mind. Well, part of it is that Makoto and Gintaro are close, but he doesn’t have that relationship with Satoru, so being rebuked truly means that to Satoru, who thinks of the Heralds as something important. But Satoru’s insistence on telling Gin what to do was also not very cool. Poor Gintaro, he doesn’t know what to do with these kids :D He’s going to have to learn how to behave anew.

“I know you’re right, so I’ll control myself today. I’m not doing this because you told me to!” – The two foxes are just too adorable, and their act together :)

“Thank you, but I’ve had enough fun.” – That just goes to show you had no fun, LOL. “I’ve had enough of this “fun”.” sounds closer to the truth.

“Did you have fun?” and Satoru smiles and says “Yup!” – it’s possible he did have fun, but being around people tires him, being introverted, or he’s just trying to keep Haru happy.

“Putting walls up is tiring and lonely.” – When you’re used to putting up walls, you often feel more alone when around people, and it is tiring. Learning to take the walls off also takes effort, but sometimes always spending time with people is tiring. I often gain energy after being around people, but it doesn’t mean it’s not taxing at the same time. Different sorts of energy.

Now that’s sad ;__; sad – not remembering your birthday because the only dates you can remember are when your parents and grandfather died.

“I’m an idiot, I’m making Haru worry about me again.” – No, you’re an idiot because you’re not worrying and looking after yourself so others have to. Focus on yourself a little more dude.

Yes, it’s easy being brave when it’s you and Haru, but now the girls invade. Those Attack on Titan-like expressions, hue hue hue. Also, this is another thing about cats, they will often come to you, but if you go to them they run off, scaredy cats.

Blowing off steam, being angry, it requires showing emotion, revealing a part of yourself. Satoru did get closer to them by being angry with them, because anything beats a complete non-involvement.

Post Episode Notes:

Ok, this episode was bittersweet, and amusing, and it’s what I’ve come to expect of this show, what I appreciate it for. I liked the way people behaved this episode, though I myself feel that Satoru is still putting on somewhat of an act, for Haru’s sake, but masks do tend to become the true face over time. But not liking what Satoru the person does doesn’t mean I can’t understand and relate, or even like it when thinking of Satoru the character.

Next episode’s preview has monkeys. Honestly, someone said this and he’s right, we have enough cast members, and their interactions are interesting enough, we don’t really need more episodic moments where we get to see the world. It is nice though. I assume we’ll keep alternating between old relations and new relations for a while, and then things will keep going non-stop about the relationships, and Satoru’s family, and Satoru x Makoto, but that’s what would’ve happened if it were an original anime, since it’s based on a still-running manga, it could take forever to get somewhere – as soon as the mangaka gets bored of episodic explorations of side-stories, so to speak. Well, we’re still learning of the magical world, so it makes sense.

Also, the girls invading and tearing down Satoru’s walls? They really are titans ;-)

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