Gingitsune Episode 5 Notes

November 3rd, 2013.

The second half of the introduction of Haru and Satoru, I expect with this all the main cast will be finally assembled. We’re also going to learn more of their past, though I doubt we’d learn everything, got to leave some revelations for the future, right?

Thoughts and Notes:

And again, the herald seems to be one who was approached by a human (priest?) just as it lay dying, unless the sight had been granted to the human who approached the dying animal. Also, this might explain Haru’s fear of abandonment.

“Don’t you get tired of being so uptight?” – That sentence is so quintessential Gintaro, who’s supposed to be “proper”, being a herald, but who’ll tell him off? He’s basically a grumpy uncle/grandfather. See? “Heralds have minds of their own, they do as they please.”

“Don’t make the kid my responsibility.” – And here we get to the crux of the matter, he doesn’t want to be bothered :p He also can look scary, as we’ve already covered last week. Man, these face close-ups.

“You seem too responsible for someone the same age as Makoto; that’s rather unfortunate.” – This show can really make me smile, the father is great, and I think he and Gintaro would’ve gotten along splendidly.

Father – Haru-sama. Makoto, who knows he’s young and bratty – Haru-chan. I wonder how Makoto would be as a head priestess.

Wow, this shot. Look at how the picture of him and his late wife is in the background, rather than have them hammer us in the face with what they meant, just like in the beginning sequence of the episode they let us figure out that’s Haru, and that this is why he has such a fear of abandonment.

Gintaro, for someone staying out of this business, you sure do dispense a lot of advice :)

Considering my eyes are full of tears, I love the fact I still laughed at this scene, and not like with Gin no Saji where the laughter seemed to dispel the tears. Here, they co-exist.

Hm, heralds can pass away. Well, we did notice them growing old and the effect it has on them, but it’s still interesting. Where do they pass off to?

Post Episode Thoughts:

Man, this episode. I had tears in my eyes for much of it, without them hammering at us with sad moments, in-show tears, or overly emotional music. Just a string of small moments, and being able to piece together why they matter.

Well, for an “introduction” piece, it sort of failed us – we still don’t know what Haru and Satoru are really like, but we’ll get to know them, episode by episode, as we’ll watch the show. Haru still fills me with worries, but that’s life. I don’t have Satoru pegged down at all yet, we saw his “worried” side, but we don’t know how he’ll be like once he grows out of it.

Next episode has the girls visiting the shrine, and the heralds also getting a look at them, should be fun!

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