Gingitsune Episode 4 Notes

October 27th, 2013.

New messenger this week? The final love interest, who can also see spirits? I’m excited.

Thoughts and Notes:

Well, we already got a bunch of questions we want answered, a good way to introduce a major character.

That carefree and “Oops, I forgot” laughter and attitude of the father makes me smile, but in the end Makoto is stilla high school girl, heh.

Haru is a fox? I thought he’s a cat :O

In case you were wondering, Haru is voiced by the same seiyu who voiced Mako in Kill la Kill. A-yup.

Ono Kensho who voices Satoru is a remarkable voice actor – not necessarily talking of quality, but how distinct his voice often is. It’s more than his voice, but his specific manner of cutting the words, of his intonation – I was sure he was the same voice actor as Ledo in Gargantia who also voiced Tsumugu-kun in Nagi no Asukara – Ishikawa Kaito, but he’s not him, hmmm.

That weighing look by Gin, or is he just bored? Pesky humans, pesky chibi-herald. Also, that look, that shot, it definitely could’ve easily been a shot from a horror show, with different music.

“Satoru, she doesn’t even know what’s the Sight for.” – Haru. And then Gintaro with “What will happen to that shrine if the priest with the Sight leaves?” – We definitely are going to learn more about herald and the Sight when we learn about Haru and Satoru’s situation.

Well, we saw Satoru’s past, but still didn’t see what happened to the shrine after his grandfather passed away – by him sitting on the steps to the shrine, I think he hadn’t gone inside, and perhaps his family didn’t permit it.

That ridiculous chibi-fox running with his scarves :)

Post Episode Notes:

This episode is half of the introduction to Haru and Satoru, so I don’t have too much to say. I could complain how when a child is raised by his relatives in anime it’s often a sad tale of someone who’s not truly wanted, and the child gets to feel that lack of love and warmth, and that it’s getting a bit tired – but then again, sad stories are stories, in this case if anything had gone splendidly in his past then there wouldn’t be much to talk about, is there?

Haru is indeed more than a tad annoying, but Satoru doesn’t understand – even if he’s 80 years old, Haru has the mentality of a child, including the need to be rude in order to hide how insecure he feels – why does he keep badmouthing this shrine? Because he wants to return to the old shrine with Satoru, or he wants them to go somewhere where it’d be just the two of them – though I doubt the second because he’s worried about Satoru, and being alone with him and no one else looking over Satoru doesn’t look to be promising.

Breaking Satoru’s shell and him growing warmer is definitely going to be a major part of the show, and then him going back to his shrine at some point. I also expect we’ll learn more about heralds and the Sight as a result of the introduction of this pair.

Well, and can’t wait till Satoru is introduced in school, heh.

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