Gingitsune Episode 2 Notes

October 13th, 2013.

First episode could’ve stood as an OVA, and was full-on magical realism. The preview made it seem like the 2nd episode will be set at school, and didn’t give hints as to any magical realism moments (unless they ask Saeki to find/foretell things for them). I’m excited, but let’s see how the Slice-of-Life segments fare.

Thoughts and Notes:

That small moment of cleaning the mini-shrine on the way to school – her life is paved with moments where rituals are all important and cannot be ignored, but now she leaves these behinds and enters school, where rituals of a wholly different kind take place.

Addressing her daughter as “Hiwako-san” seems quite distant.

“Are you listening?” – like what I commented on with Rec earlier today, your problems might seem large to you, but they’re often annoying to anyone around you. Gintaro sure seems put upon. Well, Makoto-chan cheering herself up sure is nice, with that expression and all. I like Kanemoto Hisako, as an actress. Maybe not “impressed” by her, but definitely fond of her acting.

“Humans always care too much about what others think of them. You always complainto me when you get home (so drop the two goody shoes act). That other girl sounds much more reasonable to me.” – Makoto convinces herself to change her behaviour to placate someone else, but around others she always holds her resentment inside. It isvaluable to be able to say what you think, but it’s not like you should go about it blithely, when you do care so much about what others think, as Makoto does. To follow your advice, she might be relieved, but also miserable, Gintaro. You need to learn to tailor your advice to the person you give it to.

“We’re not allowed to live as we please.” – Funabashi is repeating Makoto’s words back at her, which throws her for a loop. She and Gintaro presented Funabashi as if she were doing as she wanted, and Makoto as suffering because she can’t, so as to avoid a mess. Well, who said Funabashi wants to assume the strict role? She feels she must, to avoid a mess. And that’s how two sides can consider the same actions to be the exact opposite.

Interesting, most slice of life and/or high school shows has a bunch of kids running around, with rarely an adult to tell them how things work. This show has the MC complain to such an adult and get his opinions all the time. There is the small fact that he’s hundreds of years old, inhuman, and cranky – but what’s that in an anime show? :3

“A Shrine is a place to vent.” – a place where you can speak, and either no one or only the gods will listen, but when you can see the deity in front of you facepalming, I guess it can get in the way of your venting, or when you see the other’s face in general – which might be another part why confessionals hide faces, rather than hide whoever is speaking.

“Yumi-chan isn’t who she seems to be.” – with a big smile. What are you, 12, that you just now realize people aren’t exactly as they seem? Heh. Well, it’s a bit too much, but then again, some people never truly realize it, or need to relearn it with every single person they encounter. Also, if you’re this glad it means you didn’t like the Yumi-chan of before, the one you were going to have sleep over at your house? Maybe you are a hypocrite, Makoto-chan.

And then, in case you didn’t get the message, Funabashi-san blew her top because everyone thought she is what she seemed to be, or rather, what they decided she is. People don’t want others telling them who or what they are, except when they feel lost. People resent others thinking they know them, that they understand them, though we all seek others to understand us, and accept us. A conundrum.

Folk-customs and superstitions often have a root in teaching you proper ways to behave – you don’t walk under ladders so nothing will fall on you, you used to have cold iron with the baby so you won’t forget it, and you walk on the left side when going to a shrine so as not to run into people. Very nice, having this explored here.

Awwww, “I can see you, what more can I ask for?” HA! That look on his face after she told him she loves him.

Post Episode Thoughts:

1) Good voice actors. Good chemistry. I appreciate every actor here.

2) Ok, this episode was slower, but we just set up our main relationship, of Makoto and her friends. Some of the things explored here were quite basic, but that they are basic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remind others of them now and then. That they are basic also sometimes means we forget them.

3) I like the feel of this show thus far, it feels good, it feels solid. Slice of life, wholesome. It’s important to have such shows as well, along all the action or dark shows.

4) Next episode seems it’ll be more Magical than Magical Realism, and we’ll get to visit other messengers. I’m intrigued. The hopping between the two elements, and also how Gintaro balances the young Makoto are well done.

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