Gingitsune Episode 12 Notes

December 22nd, 2013.

Thank You For the Pleasant Evenings.

So, time for the ritual, time to see whether we’ll truly meet Gintaro’s deity, eh?

Well, it’s been a fun ride, y’all, and I had a pleasant time spending time with these characters. I’ll miss them, they made me smile and tear up on Sundays, and I liked them.

I hope, but seriously doubt we’ll ever get a second season, so let’s appreciate a wholesome, non-pandering, and truly endearing show for what it was, for what it is.

Until next time.

Thoughts and Notes:

In Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), religious Jews have a similar way to cast off sins, the translation of the custom is “Cast off”, where you cast off bread-crumbs you’ve carried in your pockets to the sea.

Satoru’s personality is often a sour, cranky one. I like his faces when he dislikes someone, such as in this screenshot. Makes me smile. Must be because I’m such a cantankerous person ;-)

Poor Shohei, his girlfriend never seems to be happy to have him around :<

Though the symbolism is to cast impurities, if you look at it, it’s as if they’re throwing people to the river, to be washed away.

Awww, little Makoto sitting on Gintaro’s lap and yammering at him. He’s not like her uncle, more like a grandfather, and because only she can see him, she truly can tell him everything, even moreso than a small child already does.

Makoto telling Gintaro off is best Makoto :)

Post Episode Notes:

This was a small show, full of small moments. I give it 7/10, but that’s not a bad grade, it’s a small show, which I will actually appreciate a bunch more than several shows I’ve given 8.5 or higher to. Thank you for existing, Gingitsune. Also, yeah, the final moments of the show are quite final, which is very fitting, but definitely not going to count on a 2nd season.

But if one ever appears, I sure will be thankful.

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