Gingitsune Episode 11 Notes

December 15th, 2013.

Just Another Warm Day at The Shrine

A Makoto-focused episode! Considering she’s one of the two original main characters of the show, it’s surprising that this is just her second one after the first episode, but that sort of works with her nature, and how she’s accomodating to everyone and tries her best to get everyone else get along as she stays in the background.

Future, heavy stuff for a high school student, eh?

Thoughts and Notes:

  1. Heh, that was great, the young in spirit adult, Makoto’s father, with his eyes glued to the television set, and across from him the ancient Gintaro watching a samurai film together. The word I keep using to describe this show and scenes within it is “domestic”, such a perfectly domestic, comfortable, warm,homey scene, to make you smile at how the mundane can co-exist with the supernatural.
  2. Hahaha, the father with “When you were little you said you’ll be my bride” and then Makoto doesn’t remember it. Reminds me of my maternal grandmother for whom I was the first grandson who likes telling me “Oh, how cute you were as a child! You said you’ll always love me!” :P
  3. Tatsuo, 2nd best anime parent of the year! (WataMote’s parents win, just because of what they have to put up with and are still so awesome.) But, it actually reminds me of a complaint some children level against parents who tell them they’ll support them – sometimes they need advice, some direction. Of course, these children often blame the parents for dictating their life and blaming them if things don’t turn out smoothly, so… Yeah, being a parent is hard work, guys.
  4. It’s nice to see people just give off an easy chemistry with one another, as they should as old acquaintances. Really nice to see an anime letting the “old people” get some spotlight too. Well, it’s that sort of show :)
  5. Huh, and just like that, Gintaro seems to drop off that tomorrow he’ll get to perform his role as a Herald and speak to his deity? :O

Post Episode Notes:

So Makoto listens to Gintaro and decides to live in the moment, rather than dwell on the future. One would think that those with long lives ahead of them would think more of the future, but Gintaro is a fox, and for him all days are similar, after a while. That it works for Gintaro doesn’t mean it’ll work for Makoto, for she must live in the mortal world.

Well, not that I mind too much, because the present of the show is just so warm. I smiled and chuckled all episode long, just having fun over here.

Well, next episode, if we’ll see Gin actually meeting his deity, will be something alright, but we’ll see!

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