Gingitsune Episode 10 Notes

December 10th, 2013.

Satoru Makes a Friend

Time for Satoru-kun to get a spotlight episode again. I wonder, too many characters, since they keep breaking up the episodes so each will have their own spotlight. Well, I guess it serves to properly define the characters so you could follow their interactions properly, especially if characters act differently around other characters – such as the bashful Satoru. But well, let’s see.

Thoughts and Notes:

Satoru is being suffocated by kindness, it sticks to him, it wraps him up, and his face warms up and he doesn’t know what to do. But even Haru and Gintaro like Makoto’s father, he can’t be refused.

“It doesn’t matter” – That’s Satoru’s catchphrase, the catchphrase of someone who feels he’s imposing and hides his will and desires. Reminds me of how my cousin used to be back when he was much younger. You try to be so polite, that it’s a form of rudeness and coldness.

“This guy is hard to deal with.” – Who does he say that to? Someone who’s friendly, and doesn’t fall back the moment Satoru is cold or brusque to him – he preferred the people who bumped into him before, no need to lower any walls with them.

And this is why the captain is hard to deal with – both his words and his strike – he cuts straight to the chase, he doesn’t let Satoru sulk and be angsty as he is wont to do. Supposedly, especially as they go to have fun, Satoru is an adult in a boy’s body, and the Captain is an overlarge boy – but it’s the opposite. Satoru is a sulky brat, and the captain is sure of himself and welcoming to others.

Silly Satoru, just running away – if something is not my top priority or a way to achieve it, then it’s not worth doing. Talk about a childish outlook. He limits himself. Then again, who amongst us doesn’t?

“Kendo can come second”, and he’s acting as if he had a revelation, heh.

Post Episode Notes:

Satoru is still a brat, but at least he knows it. Good, we’re slowly unpeeling his walls. Well, you can tell it’s based on a manga, they’re truly taking the long route with him. 2 more episodes to go, sadly, but I’m enjoying it.

This is a wholesome show, nothing special going on, but how can you not love it? Could use some more tears though :P A Fox Wedding, smiling while tearing up, the best sort of episodes, eh? Not this one, but in general.

Well, we did get to know Satoru better, it was mostly hammering in his nature again, but we also got him to open up some more.

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