Gingitsune Episode 1 Notes

October 7th, 2013.

While magical reality can sometimes flounder (Red Data Girl), some of the best shows, the most magical, also appear there, such as Mushishi or Uchouten Kazoku, or short stories by Charles de Lint. So I’m quite curious about this one.

Thoughts and Notes:

Note: Going to watch episode then write notes afterwards. I’m behind, and must catch up. So more solid observations and thematic points.

Ha, I knew it, main character voiced by same actress as Kotoura, similar looking character, and also similar opening scene, tone-wise to early Kotoura :3 Would have liked Gin’s voice to be a bit more gruffy, but I’ll take it.

“Do you understand what it means to be a herald?” – the herald asks the human, who obviously doesn’t, having grown up with him from childhood, so to her he’s a friend, a tool, someone who’s always been about. Also, can you blame her? You did spoil her, the moment there are oranges about you don’t seem to remember what it’s all about either.

Messengers – they called them intermediaries, another word is “mediums”. Another similarity to Kotoura, who’s amedium, hee. Well, Gintaro is a messenger from a deity to the the oracle, and Saeke is a messenger from Gintaro, but where is the deity in all of this? And are these truly messages? Seems just like using powers. Will there truly be a price, aside from on the human side of things? Will there truly be a “message” sent from beyond? :3

This episode could stand out on its own. You could watch this without the show existing beyond this point, and it’d be magical. It wouldn’t be amazing, but it’d still be wondrous, and very good. There were some moments that really felt like they could come in the final episode of a show, such as when Gin and Saeke reconciled, the phrasings used seemed to push in that direction as well. But – first, they can also have these come again later, and then flashback to this scene to show how they did happen again. Second, it might be a way to show how their relationship had just now changed its nature, so this episode was setting up both the “before” and “after”. And lastly, what’s wrong about an episode that tells a complete story? Mushishi and Shigofumi weren’t afraid of having an episode tell a complete story, and felt stronger for it.

The preview tells us this will truly be a “magical reality slice of life”, with some episodes being solidly slice of life – high school with all the pains and awkwardness that come with it, and it seems without us resorting to endless moe either. There’ll be drama, and it’d make sense. So we’re probably going to get mini arcs, and various moments, and every so often the supernatural will intrude, or the mundane will intrude, and it’d feel like that’s just this girl’s life, or so I hope.

As for the emotional moments – another similarity to Kotoura – there are moments that are really emotionally heavy, they are almost cloying, but this seems to be what they set out to be. Not everyone might appreciate the heavy emotional overtones, but I loved them.

This show, I thought it’d be solid, but if it keeps this up, it’d be great. Jumped quite a few spots on my current season’s grading.

Edit: Meant to write this earlier but forgot, but people saying they don’t think the teenage angst/drama was fitting reminded me (as opposed to people who just didn’t like it, which is a taste thing) – I have a younger sister, I knew girls in Junior High and in High School. Telling a friend/parent to “get lost” is common, and then when they reunite with the friend, there would often be much (to my eyes unnecessary) drama, and crying, and so on and so forth. Parents, though you might tell them to “get lost”, don’t, they stick around.

Having lost her mother and met Gintaro at the age of 4, he’s a mixture of Saeke’s best friend and a parent, for her. Her relationship with him and the issue of abandonment definitely play a part. Not only did she tell someone to get lost who is a dear friend of hers, but when he obeyed she’s been essentially abandoned by a parent she drove away.

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