Gin no Saji / Silver Spoon S2 Episode 4 Notes

February 15th, 2014.

Gin no Saji / Silver Spoon S2 Episode 4 notes anime - Warhorse Maron

Yeah, one of two Thursday shows I’m behind on, and which I really like. No real reason. No excuse. School is back tomorrow, so going to catch up today on both, hopefully. Well, let’s go. Aiming for fewer notes till I catch up.

This blonde cackler has the same cackle as Tamako, and as many rich and blonde girls in other shows. The stereotypical rich blonde girl who cackles this way >.>

Yeah, as had been said time and time again in this show, it’s about the horse. Doesn’t matter if the rider is clueless, she bought her way to victory. I’m sure the show isn’t going to let it be so simple, and we’ll either see her failing, or find out she actually put a lot of effort into this and cares for her horse. Unless today’s lesson is “life isn’t fair.”

Hachiken, good job not hitting Maron with your whip, it wouldn’t have been pretty. Maron, the victorious warhorse!Also, that Hachiken, “I will focus on being concentrated!” heh.

Manly man Hachiken! Where manly means “jerk” :P

Hachiken wants to win. He knows 4th place is great, but after third place had been so close (even though it’s up to Maron), then he can no longer be content with 4th. The mind is a terrible thing.

Maron looking back at Mikage as she speaks, then back forward when the discussion is done. You’re a good horse, Maron <3

Well, this was fun. Hachiken had fun, and had to be faced with the fact you can’t always be the best. Heck, it isn’t even entirely his win when he does win, so what does it matter? Another fun episode, as always.

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