Gin no Saji / Silver Spoon S2 Episode 3 Notes

January 24th, 2014.

Trusting Others is Letting Go.

Gin no Saji / Silver Spoon S2 Episode 3  notes anime

Well, things are progressing. Hachiken is learning up, and finding he has to think of himself and his future. Things are progressing, because like it or not, we grow with each day. I like this show, but I’m going to not take any notes during this episode and only write down my thoughts after it ends. Let’s see what the end result is.

During Episode:

1) Silly Hachiken, focuses on himself, “I will jump”, “I will look cool”. It’s Maron, or at the very least the two of you. Focus on yourself, and the horse will deny you.

2) 8 minutes in, and the show says all I thought – “You can’t do it alone, you have to think of your partner!” and Mikage won’t explain, because telling Hachiken to think of Maron isn’t the same as Hachiken in his silly way growing to truly understand it from within. Also, the moment Hachiken said he’ll have to train more I knew we’d get a flashback to his attempts to study more in middle school, and you could see even now he’s acting almost as if possessed, and shaking from it. No, it’s not bad just for Maron, but also for the hard-headed mule that is Hachiken.

3) Ok, the whole sequence with Hachiken coming to trust the horse, and to understand the horse is carrying him, rather than simply a tool for him to control was incredibly telegraphed, and very by the book. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t well-done. It worked because we care for Hachiken, and that all of this isn’t simply the tired trope, but also something that fits Hachiken’s personality, and Maron’s, perfectly.

On that note, this image shows two things – Hachiken seeing Maron as high and mighty, and Maron showing Hachiken who’s the boss :P

Post Episode:

Well, I took a couple of notes during the episode, but only a couple! Go me!

Anyway, this episode was nice, the small chat Hachiken had with Mikage’s father included. Seems he accepts him, though Hachiken is mortified, and we also got to see Mikage a bit more as an actual person who gets annoyed and flustered, rather than as a figure in the distance who is pretty and talented, but isn’t much of a person – which is how most crushes in anime work, where the character with the crush often has next to no idea about the person, even less than you have before you really get to know someone.

The character arc here as noted was telegraphed, but still felt nice. It’s another realization on the line that Hachiken is acting with others, living with others, and must rely on others, just as with the cleaning duty, which goes along with him caring for others in past episodes. But still, he must also learn to rely on himself – no, he doesn’t right now, he runs away to himself.

Alternately, before it was about having others rely on himself, but now he has to rely on others. Having others trust you doesn’t mean you trust them, but now that’s what we have him slowly learning. Well, he’s still got time, 2 more years at least! :)

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