Gin no Saji / Silver Spoon S2 Episode 2 Notes

January 18th, 2014.

Caring for Others as Running Away:

Let’s try something new, jot down important ideas in 2-3 words, only expand post episode.

Thoughts and Notes:

Gin no Saji / Silver Spoon 2nd season episode 2 anime

“Please no” – Hachiken’s expression sure is fitting for what is about to follow – “The cows are now in heat, so let’s have a vet show us a rectal palpation.” Pls show. Pls. Imagine if this show hadn’t been animated, but real-action. ಠ▃ಠ

“No point brooding over it. I’ll just focus on what’s in front of me.” – That’s the Hachiken change, focusing on future-fright too much is what had him run away from the city.

The future is still big and scary. Hachiken cares for others, but it’s partially a way to avoid looking out for himself, and what he wants to do. He’s running away by helping others, by thinking of others before himself. Also, as Komaba had said, they’re big boys, he should let them take care of themselves.

Post Episode Notes:

Gin no Saji / Silver Spoon 2nd season episode 2 anime

The future is vast.

Hachiken’s journey continues. On one hand he stopped thinking of the future and focuses on the now, but on the other hand, he’s running away. It’s change, but it might not be growth. But after he had mastered not fearing the future, it’s time to now master balance between caring for others and caring for himself, which would require him to think of what he wants, which will naturally lead to some thought of the future. This is ok, just don’t get paralyzed by it, Hachiken.

Hachiken spends so much time helping others he’s making sure he has no time to pause and think of himself, sort of what you’d expect from someone who suffered  a great loss recently.

Change happens slowly, realizations often don’t come out of nowhere. This show is taking its time, as is proper.

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