Gatchaman Crowds Episode 8 Notes

August 31st, 2013.

An episode about having fun, and children.

Super late. Ripper fell asleep, and I decided not to stay up till 3 am like last week :<

Thoughts and Notes:

1) Pai-Pai to OD – “Thanks for always being there.” OD to Utsutsu – “You’ll be fine even if I’ll be gone.” He’s basically raising all the flags for going away. And of course, the show actually notes on it.

2) Is it just me? But cheerful OD trying to cheer everyone up really made me think of Berg-Katze speaking, heh.

3) Here is Hajime answering the discussion /u/Bobduh and /u/SohumB had last week – He is having fun, but unlikearete, he’s having fun doing something else than “living the Good life” with Good here having deep moral qualities.

4) Hajime – “Katze is having fun, so he won’t stop – so we can’t stop either.” – We can’t stop because he is having fun? That doesn’t work, because then we’re Gatchaman and do our roles without having fun, which is counter to Hajime’s philosophy, unless she’s saying in this case it’s necessary to go on, regardless of fun?

Or, if you think about the exchanges between herself, OD, and the rest upon entering the hero lair – they need to stop being gloomy and have fun! And then, they won’t stop either.

One could’ve thought Hajime’s solution would be the Clockwork Orange route, to make what Berg-Katze is doing no longer fun for him, but that’s too villainous of an act.

5) And now we have Hajime deciding they need to reveal themselves to the public, fitting what she’s always been saying, “Why are we even hiding ourselves?” and also what I told /u/SohumB last week – she thinks presenting and interacting with the others as Gatchaman is a good thing.

6) Now, the show is going to have to tread a very fine line here, narration wise – “We’ll just go public, it’ll all turn out well!” is often a line from a children’s show, where there are no real consequences to one’s actions. But of course, the show thus far had been very good at showing actions have real consequences, and the other characters aren’t simply joining Hajime along – but they are agency-less, when compared to her, being supporting characters rather than protagonists, so their words are ignored and they must follow in the wake of the Hajime-tornado.

Note that while Jou and Pai-Pai will not accompany Hajime, they will also not stop her. They have relinquished control to her, of the situation. For they know she can go on, and has agency, which they lack – for they lack a sense of self-esteem, for they lack a sense of fun.

7) About what I said earlier, with the narrative-care they must take to keep it as a non-children show? Here’s another thing – what is wrong with being a children’s show? Nothing. Also, who said adults and children can’t enjoy the same show? It’s actually quite nice, to see the characters enjoying themselves, and the children in the pre-school enjoying their powers as well. Powers are cool, and most of us like shows with people with super-powers. It’s ok to let the inner child loose and just smile at the cool sequences. It’s ok to have fun.

8) “Here, names and titles don’t mean anything.” coupled with “Humans get very nostalgic.” – So, pre-school is the “Flat society” that Rui is trying to create, or rather, recreate. It could be seen that it’s possible, since it existed, and exists. But a more cynical take would be that it’s the impossible attempt to return to one’s past, drown in nostalgia, or even infantilize the world.

9) An important part of any mentor-trainee story, when the trainee surpasses the mentor in spirit, often due to the mentor’s spirit failing, and giving advice in the other direction.

10) BTW, that cat with his sarcastic-tired “Not again” expression is making me think of Brian from Family Guy. I’m going to name him Sarcasticat.

11) Ha! HAHAHAHAHA! Hajime turns to the television and asks “What’s the sweetest, tastiest thing every human being loves?” – You know why I find it funny? She’s crowd-sourcing her problem, she’s turning the TV into the internet, into GALAX.

12) “But in the end you’ll still be humiliated” – destroying humans isn’t enough for Katze, but he must also humiliate all “heroes” to show them they are not. Keeping his classic villain act.

13) Ah, now I see. 26 is suffering from a sense of entitlement. This is also what’s called “The Nice Guy Syndrome” – If I’m so nice, then it isn’t fair that girls don’t love me. I sat by them, I listened to them, don’t they owe me sex? That’s how the discussions about it online go.

26 began by trying to change the country for the better, and the world. But after he’s done it for a while, he’s now supposedly owed recognition, even though that wasn’t his original goal.

And then, since he thinks the world needs changing, but now is bitter about neither the world changing or him getting the recognition he believes he is owed (note, not simply deserves, but owed), he gives the “This world can just disappear!” line, which is a Berg-Katze flag if there had ever been one, a Berg-Katze who can now control GALAX and CROWDS.

I keep forgetting there are no next episode previews in this show. Well, I like the ED, so it’s fine.

Additional discussion on Reddit.

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