Gatchaman Crowds Episode 6 Notes

August 17th, 2013.

Where Hajime scolds Rui for being hypocritical, and Sugane for underestimating her:

Oh boy, so excited for this episode, let’s see where we’re going!

Main Thoughts:

  1. And now we have Gatchaman caught on TV! And her true personality as well! This is an amazing development :) We truly are going at the speed of light. This is worthy of end-of-episode cliffhanger. But I guess it’s fitting since we didn’t get what we expected in the previous cliffhanger – the Rui-Hajime summit.
  2. Someone on GALAX – “Why don’t we let Gatchaman handle politics and stuff?” – humans are looking for revolutions, not evolutions. Find crooked politicians? Replace them with different politicians, until they become/are found to be crooked again. Take one leader and replace them with another, but looking backwards they all seem interchangeable. Poor Rui, these humans really aren’t looking to replace the power-system, just replace the face on it.
  3. Hajime has a point, which had been made in superhero films before, when the superheroes are being hunted – we’re told to fear masked people, people who don’t show their true faces. How can you trust someone without knowing who they are? This is also, GASP, a metaphor for the internet, and thus GALAX, and an echo of what 26 told Rui last episode.
  4. As someone who spent a long time online, an answer is that the mask IS your name online, so long you stick to a stable name, and your actions and words are attached to that one name. But, when you meet someone for the first time, introducing yourself properly probably does make things go smoother.
  5. “When there are those with special powers, people come to rely on them.” – Ah, Rui, poor Rui, sweet Rui, idealistic Rui. We agree, but we’ve seen that this is your message a couple of episodes ago already, and we also saw that you are replicating what you oppose – X has special powers, the 100 CROWDS are those who have special powers. And thus you’re creating the world you’re trying to tear down.
  6. Also, even if we look at it from an even more basic point of view – you want to match those with suitable skills to the tasks at hand – those skills are akin to special powers as well. Is a doctor or a nurse in the right situation not someone with special skills? Isn’t a nuclear physicist or someone who can disarm bombs? There are always those with special skills on whom others rely, isn’t what you said earlier that the point of GALAX is to match them with the situations where they are needed? Be more reflexive, my dear boy.
  7. “That will not help raise their awareness.” – And as GALAX is more widespread, we see them losing their volition, such as that nurse earlier, and only when GALAX prompted them did they go forth to action. You’re placing the wool on your followers, Rui, by attempting to lead them. Because if you lead, then they follow, and followers do not raise their awareness.
  8. Silly Senpai, must Hajime show you twice in one episode that she sees more than she says? Those who shout everything they notice the moment they see it are fools, isn’t that why you waited until now to talk to Hajime about all the things Rui wasn’t talking about? So don’t assume Hajime hadn’t seen them either. So quick to distrust, this is why Hajime showed her face the other day. Rui tries to get others to trust him without showing them trust – he was shown Hajime’s true-face, but will not show his true-face to Hajime, that is the makeup comment. He was shown she is a Gatchaman, but will not divulge what his powers are. He expects trust but gives none in return, and Hajime called him out on it.

Side/Shorter Notes:

  1. Utsutsu can’t relate to her surroundings, she walks as if dazed, because she’s never really here, but now someone calls upon her, touches her (which they mustn’t do!) and she is forced into this one body, in this one place. This is very much like the nurse in the last episode who needed GALAX to prompt her to action rather than act of her own volition.
  2. Utsutsu, you must think of the greater good, you save them at the cost of yourself, and a Gatchaman, a protector of the weak, is removed. Then again, after never really being pulled into the moment, it’s understandable for a reaction to be a reflex, an overreaction.
  3. Now Pai-Pai has to be the leader and not just in name, it must be a frightening experience. I doubt he’ll handle it – neither badly or well, I think he’ll run away from this duty. After all, he has a group of people who can take care of themselves, and they get orders from higher-up, he’s basically middle management, or in other words, completely superfluous.
  4. His decision likewise, “Don’t take action for the foreseeable future.” – so long no one does anything, he’s not going to be in risk of having to decide anything anytime soon.
  5. This moment of Rui saving Hajime from the newsmen – this is truly a moment of gamification, it’s a game, where you dress everyday occurrences in game-dressings, and give points, and also giving the finger to paparazzi.
  6. I finally noticed, when Hajime does the “V” for “Victory/cool” pose, it’s scissors.
  7. When Hajime went to the stairs and they followed her in a line rather than swarming around her, it felt unreal. Besides that, it made me think of The Pied Piper of Hamelin.
  8. I wonder what about going to school, must the school not call them when they fail to show up? :3

So the previous episode gave us a cliff-hanger, and this episode just brushed it aside, but instead gave us another cliffhanger worthy moment in the first 3 minutes, so it was all good. Then we did get that discussion between Hajime and Rui we’ve been waiting for in the end, so it’s all good! Go bird!

Additional discussion on Reddit.

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