Gatchaman Crowds Episode 5 Notes

August 9nd, 2013.

Discussing Rui’s Philosophy’s Contradiction and Naivete

I have so much to say this week, so much!

Shorter notes:

  • Hajime, why are you staring into the distance as you ask your questions? Look at Pai-Pai, you know he’s cute and you want to pinch his cheeks!
  • JJ, what’s that yellow bird with the coloured circles? It’s not monochromatic. Interesting.
  • Hajime has such a nice smile, not when grinning or with eyes closed, but when she simply smiles.
  • Hajime has never been as beautiful as when she stood there with blood on her face, all beaten up and smiling. Must be because we couldn’t see her crazy eyes. Reminds me of what Sayako in Madoka looks like.

Longer Thoughts, including small asides on the important discussions, but which are thought-provoking:

I) Way to double-speak, Pai-Pai – “We’re not sneaking around, we’re just doing everything without letting anyone know!”

Also, he let out an important piece of information, not “We mustn’t let them know of our existence” but “We mustn’t let them get ahold of our powers” before pulling out his Note. So Note-taking means power-taking. But since the Note is also the Gatchaman’s soul… I wonder, is Rui like this because he had been given someone else’s Note, causing a twin-soul issue?

II) GALAX or Gatchaman doing more? The uber-controlling and centric power-center, which dons the guise of a diffuse authority structure, or the servants of the people who appear to be an elite group of super-people, the Gatchaman?

But why is Hajime worried about people saying GALAX does more?

Because you mustn’t believe all you hear on the internet, and the internet rather than being a diffuse source of knowledge is becoming its own entity to which we entrust all our knowledge. Wikipedia/Britannica are written by numerous people, but when all is said and done we treat them as a monolithic structure, divorced from its authors, who has all the power, singularly.

Max Weber would be so happy.

III) The proper response to “You’re the only one I can trust” is not “Thank you.” this isn’t “I can really trust you.” but “I need to have more people in my life I can trust” or “I have too many secrets that weigh on me and crush down my soul.”

IV) Way to outsource individual decision-making X – someone disagrees and you close it down. A tool made for communication, and you stop them from communicating.

Even if GALAX doesn’t have a solitary leader in the form of a person, what is X? Also, so you don’t tell him your name which is “Rui”, but “LOAD” is just as much your name when it comes to GALAX, or the Crowds.

V) 26 – no reform, no helping the weak, but crushing those who wrong others. Very destructive measures. 26 is basically Light Yagami and wants to treat GALAX as a Death Note. (Amusing side note, Katse-berg’s voice actor is Light Yagami in Death Note, still sounds a bit like Fukuyama Jun in his role of Grell Sutcluff, whom he looks like.)

26 wants to reveal himself, to become a hero. Notice the parallel lines to Hajime’s argument. Putting aside their methods, it’s the same. But Hajime wants to reveal herself to be able to help others more, rather than self gain. BUT, 26 as well, reveal their Death Note-like powers can do much to stop criminals.

VI) It’s interesting that 26 is using the word “revolution”, rather than Rui’s “update” which is basically “evolution.” – you know the thing about revolution? They come around, that’s the nature of the word. The world revolves, a revolving door. 26 is talking about keeping the same world structure, just switching who hold the reins of power, but nothing will change. That’s a revolution, and not just here, that’s even what the word means.

VII) I’m sorry Rui, but you’re contradicting yourself. You enjoy helping others. Thinking of yourself as a helper gives you joy, you enjoy being in communion with others who share your actions and thoughts. Your deeds are super important to you – you feel good because of your actions. It can be argued that most people who are “nice” and whom we think are “genuinely nice” are so because being nice makes them have the image of themselves they want to have, they’re nice because they enjoy seeing themselves as nice people. Now, there’s no real difference, but they still do it for a reward, albeit an internal one, and they still hold their deeds in high regard, at least for their own self-worth.

VIII) Poor Rui, with the ability to save lives also comes the responsibility when you decide not to save them, and if not the responsibility, then the feeling of responsibility, and thus guilt. I talked about it last week, but Rui’s position leads to a God-complex, where you feel anything wrong that occurs is your fault. Imagine what he’d do if there were multiple catastrophes simultaneously, which in real life there probably are, the show is just giving us one at a time for now. I think he’d still blame himself for the site he couldn’t help.

YES, YES, Rui and Hajime will meet!

Additional discussion on Reddit. Note this discussion between myself and SohumB about the necessity of Galax.

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