Gatchaman Crowds Episode 4 Notes

August 2nd, 2013.

Diffusion of responsibility, origin of power.

Short notes:

  • It seems Rui gave others powers in a manner similar to how JJ gave the Gatchaman power. I wonder if it’s powered by GALAX though. And who the artificial intelligence X really is, or what.
  • And then the rescueman comes in and they all show their GALAX to one another, as if it’s a secret handshake. Do you have time to do this? It’s an emergency, isn’t it? Really, you guys need your head checked.
  • Vampire-thingy, the only thing missing is for it to reveal its tongue, do the rock motion with its fingers and say “Death!” (Kuroshitsuji reference)
  • Ok, Jou’s metal-fire bird is hella cool, even if it’s blazin’!
  • Vampire-thing has its own diary. Now we’re talking.
  • Considering we know there are multiple worlds, and Gatchaman are there to stop invaders, invaders who like MESS often just don’t understand, I get the feeling Gatchaman are basically Green Lanterns. But rather than an international force, they’re a local force. It’s just that there’s an office in each world.
  • Interesting to see Hajime so flustered. It’s because she was stopped. She’s someone who uses her endless energy to always go forward, never stop, never hesitate. But now she is forced to sit tight, and the energy builds up.
  • So, OD is a certified badass? You know, this is anime foreshadowing. OD will spread his wings. They can’t let it not happen after this.
  • The acting and interaction in Hajime’s workplace with her friends felt weird. Felt wooden. Both the acting and the animation. Scene felt very wooden. The characters didn’t really move either.
  • “It’s (GALAX) amazing, but it’s not good.” I am in love with this sentence. Just like “Exceptional” and “deviant” mean more or less the same thing, but the context and connotations are different.
  • The red bird burning up, how very symbolic.

Longer thoughts:

  • “I didn’t have faith in GALAXters before, but GALAX saved my life! GALAX won’t abandon us!” – sounds like a mix of a born again evangelist and a pyramid scheme salesman. Also, I hate to break it to you, but GALAX is a program, not people. It’s like saying “The Car won’t betray us!” – you can trust people, don’t trust the system.
  • Rui gained his power from Katze-Berg (It makes me think of Katsu-doom! (Hataraku Maou-sama)). This means the show is going to be, at some point, about whether the power, and the Crowds it created, and GALAX, the source of humanity’s salvation or destruction. Also, what are Rui’s wishes? Yeah, this is going to be our “Choice” axis, and possibly about salvation as well.
  • That opera soundtrack, moving towards the peak, to its crescendo, as Katze-Berg is egging Rui on, Rui who wants no heroes but created a legion and made himself their centurion. I feel Katze-Berg intends to have everyone trust GALAX, and then push Rui over the edge, to not only destroy their hopes after they give them to someone, to something, but to have them do what they should not. Rui is being pushed to madness. Will Hajime be able to save him? To make him take this load off his shoulders?
  • Ok, there are some ridiculous things going on here, but their ridiculousness actually opens interesting avenues of discussion and thought. I’m talking about when Katsu-doom ran over people in the red car. A couple of the people who saw the GALAX alert were there, one of them at least had seen it happen but did nothing, but once GALAX told her to come, she did. Now, there are a couple of things to consider her, the first is that they may have been frozen, but once something told them that they could help it got them to act. The second makes me think of the case of Kitty Genovese, the more people around the less likely any single one will help. GALAX though asks it of each person personally – it asks the masses, but each receives a personal request, a call to action.

Very nice episode. Definitely my favourite new show of the season (I still like Genshiken Nidaime better).

Additional discussion on Reddit. Pay particular mind to this comment chain and its links, about singleton Strong AI and other neat things.

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