Gatchaman Crowds Episode 2 Notes

July 19th, 2013.


  • “My scissors have scissors!” A form of bad-assery, where your swords wield swords, and your boots have swords as well ;)
  • It’s nice to see the MC having so much FUN. Who said saving the world has to be all serious doom and gloom, why can’t we have some fun? Answer – we can. I need to play this in an RPG.
  • Male MC is classic doom-and-gloom save-the-universe character. Can’t even think of having a dialogue with the alien, is this going to turn into some Men in Black riff-off with the female MC? Also reminds me of some papers I’ve read, discussing how the world would be different had women held more positions of power in the government and military. Train sequence exemplifies the same thing; he is demanding, strict, absolute. She tries to view things from others’ perspective.
  • A new person has two options, to question everything they see, or be silent and learn from those who came before. Both are valid options. But who is better at questioning how things have always been than one who encounters them for the first time?
  • Jou looks very clean-cut at work, and efficient. Not the slacker we know him as – people have different masks they wear at different locations, and they’re all “them”. The MCs have the same face everywhere, they’re still “kids”. See, at the train? Everyone has all sorts of masks, and in different situations they seem different. Everyone’s just a person.
  • “Basic premise of Gatchaman” – just like Paladins. You kill them because the Monster Manual says kobolds and Orcs are Evil and you kill Evil monsters. But who said the Monster Manual is right? Well, you’ve got Detect Evil, but you get my point ;-)
  • It makes sense that a girl who’s on close personal terms with figures of power such as the mayor and the fire-chief is irreverent to positions of authority, or perhaps because she’s irreverent of their positions she could become friends with them.

Smaller notes:

  • The artistic direction of their combat forms reminds me distinctly of the combat avatars from Accel World.
  • Hm, she has scissors, just like JJ. Also, her number is “101”, Newbie indeed, or perhaps an introduction, a new way to look at things, a fresh look?
  • GALAX, crowd-sourcing and gamification to bring about world-change. This is what so many ARG (Alternate Reality Games) designers are looking for.
  • “Everything goes” is a very paralyzing statement. Analysis paralysis. The more options you have, the harder it is to take one, certainly for such a rigid guy as Senpai.
  • “Are you a fossil?” while we see a glass with a fossil in it/imprinted on it in the background. Very highly stylized show. I like how Hajime looks in overalls, beats that bell-dress, that bell-dress can die in a fire.
  • Wait, she moved out of her home? None of them live home? What do their parents say about it? Wha..? :O
  • I wonder what disaster she’s talking about. Sounds important.

Ok, this show is very interesting, it’s actually explicit about its messages, at least on a per-episode basis, making use of each message several times, reinforcing it, slightly altering it, expanding it. Very interesting. And it allows things to be fun, I wonder if it’ll continue or whether we’ll go dark and gloomy and slow. I hope we’ll always have our injections of happy and flowing-changing to keep things going.

The male MC is a personification of order and obeying authority, and Hajime is a personification of change and questioning authority, within the show. Seems a major axis of the show, currently. Quite like many “cop movies” where one of them is a stuck-up-by-the-numbers and the other is an irreverent happy-go-lucky dude (or a kill-everyone-dude, ala Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon, heh).

Edit: I wasn’t sold on the show after last episode; now I’m sold.

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