Garo: Guren no Tsuki Episode 1 Notes

October 9th, 2015.

So, Garo. I know it’s stand-alone, but I’m sorry I missed the first season last year, though I hear uneven things about it. Speaking of uneven, this season has 5 people listed in charge of the script, and 2 in charge of Series Composition, and of those people, at least one handled DearS, Elfen Lied, Ikkitousen, Queen’s Blade, Zero no Tsukaima, while the other handled Kamisama no Memochou, No. 6, Paprika (movie), and Railgun. So yeah, I dunno what to expect, so let’s find out ourselves. Though with so many people in charge of script and series composition, I expect things to become messier the further we go in.

Themes / Story:

Garo: The Crimson Moon / Garo: Guren no Tsuki anime Episode 1 - Seimei rejects the wood-carver

We’ve got a king who doesn’t care for the poor people, for his citizens, so long he remains safe, though we just saw a woman he cared for get taken and presumably killed by a Horror, so he’ll have reasons to care soon. We have a Golden Knight who can’t use his powers whenever he desires, and a setting with all sorts of things, such as lineages, horrors, etc.

But there’s not really much to grip onto, because the characters aren’t really interesting, though it was relatively elegant the manner in which they’ve shown Seimei either cares for Raikou or only cares about her friends, like the king, when she told the Buddha-carver that he has to rely on his own strength, but offered Raikou her aid even when he claimed he did not need it.

But I’ll be honest, while the show did nothing wrong, absolutely nothing here grabbed me. What was up with the tonal shifts everywhere? The candy moment? The “I’m your only attendant!” annoying kid? Zero charm in the story, and zero reason to make me want to keep watching. I was really bored watching this. Again, not the show’s fault, but I just didn’t have fun.


Garo: The Crimson Moon / Garo: Guren no Tsuki anime Episode 1 - Raikou tells Kintaro of his duty.

OP – Nice overall. Vocals were fine, I was fonder of the accompanying music, especially before the vocals started. This OP feels as if it’d have been at home in a JoJo show.

ED – A really nice j-pop song. Gave me intense Ayumi Hamasaki vibes, especially in its first part. I’m a fan of this song.

With all the people in charge of series composition and script, I alluded to the script being all over the place as the show progresses, but thus far it was the presentation that fell victim. Seimei and the King were drawn much sharper than most other characters, with Seimei often looking superimposed over the scene due to her sharpness, and elegance. And then on the other end of the spectrum we have Kintoki, who looks as if he escaped from some children cartoon, half-formed.

Most characters are somewhere in the middle, and even remind me of Avatar, in terms of art-style, the backgrounds were neat, and the CG, well, I knew ahead of time from the preview what it’d look like. The Light Palace almost blinded me though, that was a tad much.

The music was often really good, but there was music non-stop, and when there’s music non-stop, you really have to make sure it’s always fitting, which it didn’t always, and then it was distractingly bad. The outfits looked cobbled over from all sorts of eras, and the music was all over the place. Honestly, even if everything looked like Kintoki, I’d have been better with it, but as it was, it all looked poorly stitched together.

But man, Seimei looked great :P

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