Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma Episode 1 Notes

April 4th, 2015.

First Impressions:


Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma episode 1 anime notes - Foodgasm

The infamous foodgasms.

OP – Very colourful, vibrant. The sound though, it’s as if a mouse thought itself a lion and roared. It’s a song that gives of the wish of energy, but lacks anything actually resembling it.

ED – Silly visuals, energetic, fun. A great earworm. I can see losing oneself to the song or humming along as it plays.

Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, as always, delivers a solid performance in the lead role. It’s his standard voice, but as he’s being type-cast into the same role for being able to deliver the same voice, I guess it’s alright. Amusingly, with the manner Souma reminds me of Emiya Shirou visually, especially in this screenshot with his “eyes-line”, it’s quite amusing to me that Koyama Rikiya who also portrayed Ging in Hunter x Hunter and Emiya Kiritsugu in Fate/X, is the father here, so now I imagine it as a continuity, where he’s a shounen cuckoo, giving birth to children and then abandoning them so they could become proper shounen protagonists!

On a more serious note, we only got to hear one main character’s voice acting, so can’t comment on it all that much.

J.C. Staff are seemingly giving us their A Game in this show, with lush colours, crisp character designs, and everything just pops, in general. There’s not too much movement called for yet, so I won’t discuss that for now.

Theme / Plot / “Plot”:

Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma episode 1 anime notes - Yukihira Soma is ready to fight

Don’t forget, it’s a shounen battler!

Ok, let’s discuss the “plot” first, the fan-service. Going into this show, after I’ve watched the preview, I knew this was going to be a thing. And boy, was this a thing. The real question is how much it’d be the focus, and how much the shounen battler.

Speaking of shounen battler, I rolled my eyes at Souma explaining to the land-sharks how he cooked his meal, and wondered why bother with that, until I reminded myself, it’s the same as someone in a “regular” shounen battler techno babbling to you about the chi/nen/reiatsu of their moves. Everything here is so over the top, and we notice it because we’re dealing with food. Is this a commentary on how all such shounens are ridiculously over the top in their descriptions? We could read it like that, but no, it’s just another shounen, but here we can really tell what’s going on.

This is a shounen battler, and those usually are very much not gripping in their first episode. We’ve had a face-down, but without a situation we care for, without characters we care for. Why should we care for random kid, or for father who lets his 15 year old kid deal with land-sharks, and then just leaves him behind to cook with a friend? Why should we care about the cooking when we don’t care for their stakes?

We don’t. But as I said, shounen battlers’ first episodes are generally weak. I still remember how much I disliked Fairy Tail’s first episode, and how much I liked the show from episode 5 or so onward.

This show is very tentative for me, because much will depend on the food-fighting to food-pr0n ratio, and the food pr0n is even heavier than I thought it’d be. Hopefully the show will make us care quickly. Make us care for the characters, make us care for the stakes, and shower us with more pretty fights.

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