Durarara!!x2 Shou Episode 7 Notes

February 21st, 2015.

Beware Kindness:

So, twist upon twist, someone coming for Anri-chan, and I think it will not be Slon and Varona. Well, we’ll see. So many pokers in the fire, there’s gotta be enough sparks to make Aoba happy, and more importantly, us.

Post Episode Write-up:

Durarara!! x2 Shou episode 7 anime notes - Ryugamine Mikado is Mr. Nice Guy

“There are two types of Ivans in Russia” The episode ending with, “There are two types of Taros in Japan” clarifies it, but for those who don’t know, “Ivan” would be the Russian variation on “John”, as in, “There are two types of Johns” in the world.

Also, before we proceed, so Varona and Sloan did go after Anri. The man who sent them has a grudge against Hijiribe Ruri. I wonder if it’s a case of mistaken identities, but with all the abnormalities walking around, who knows?

Now let’s get to how the episode ended, the start, and continuation, of all that is terrible and terrifying in Ikebukuro. “Izaya-san, I always thought he was sketchy, but he’s a good guy.” This actually proves the lie of Simon’s words – part of being able to read social situations, our dearest and way too nice Mr. Tanaka Taro, is the ability to tell when someone’s lying to you, or making use of you. Sure, part of being too nice is going along with it, but you know what’s going on.

It’s easy to see how Izaya sees Ryugamine as someone who can grow up to be like him. Someone who’s interested in everything, and lives for the sense of excitement, who controls a massive faction, and manipulates the going-ons. But to say that Izaya sees how Ryugamine could become him does not mean that Izaya had ever been as Ryugamine is. Likewise, and more importantly, it also does not mean Izaya is actually filled with compassion, even had he seen himself in Mikado. And this is important, for Izaya is the adult form of what Ryugamine might yet become, and he does not have any form of compassion for the naiveté exemplified. His is the position that cherishes said naiveté, because breaking it is beautiful, and oh so interesting.

And that is how we tie this all to Varona’s little arc. We might do it to get others’ approval, we might do it to show our growth. But in the end, we do it for “fun”, it’s just that others’ approval might be a source of “fun” for us. At some point the original reasons for the act don’t matter, you just keep engaging in the act you find mentally satisfying, and you keep upping the dosage. No more beating some two-bit punks, you start killing people. You chase the sensation of feeling alive.

Varona? Sure, but that’s exactly what Izaya had been telling Mikado all along. Does he care for him? The possibility exists. Does he warn him knowing it will not help, or perhaps trying to manipulate him even further, or knowing the fires will flare even higher should he eventually snap in said manner? All are possible, but it’s not Izaya’s nature to wish for competition, just for flames.

There was something very interesting in what Izaya had told Mikado, however. “You may succeed in stopping the Dollars from doing this thing, but if you do, they will no longer be the Dollars.” But, did Mikado not do such a thing in the past, when he extolled his fellow members to behave, resulting in them erasing graffitis from the walls? But he did that as a regular member. He’s allowed to change the Dollars, because the Dollars are all about change, what he is not allowed is to issue an edict from up on high.

And yes, Mikado believes he’s responsible, as he created the organization. Mikado can’t let go, because it’s too much fun. It’s fun, and oh so dangerous.

P.S. What was up with this episode’s almost complete lack of animation and how almost every character appeared off-model? :-/ I bet Takanashi Tarou was in charge of this episode’s production.

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2 comments on “Durarara!!x2 Shou Episode 7 Notes

  1. Datdo says:

    :/ I think it’s the translation that makes Simon’s words seem like a lie. 空気を読む(lit. read the air) is the phrase that was used and it has a kind of nuanced meaning. Its not only understanding what’s going on but also acting in accordance with social norms in a given situation. Reading the air too well in Mikado’s case means that he will always try to act the proper way and make peace which makes him very malleable.

    • Guy says:

      I’m not sure why it makes Simon’s words seem a lie, or what meaning was lost in the translation. I think that’s subtext that is also present as presented in the episode. I don’t think my take would’ve been any different, or is any different, now, after your explanation.

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