Durarara!!x2 Shou Episode 4 Notes

January 31st, 2015.

So, all the young ones are grouping together, Shizuo’s younger brother found another monster to care for, and that monster just saw monsters can have it good as well, in Ikebukuro. Izaya’s younger sisters met with Shinra, now they met Dotachin. Everything’s coming together! Now let’s see how the pot boils over. Will there be a “plot” that’s introduced? As I covered last week, it’s not a plot-driven show, so it doesn’t really matter, but I wonder anyhow, just to give this a more “traditional” structure. Then again, I love the show so much for reasons that have nothing to do with traditional structures ;-)

Post-Episode Write-up:

Durarara!! X2 shou anime episode 4 notes - Kuronuma Aoba sparks the flames

Oh my, and just as in the middle of the episode I was starting to think, “We’re just spending time around in Ikebukuro (and ain’t it grand?),” we have the last couple of minutes in the episode. We have a mini-Izaya, who’s angry at Izaya because he’s hogging up all the fun. We have a boy who wants to create chaos, and mistakenly thinks Izaya wants to put out fires, while Izaya is just saving up for a big conflagration.

I did find that scene with Aoba and his gang extremely interesting, it reminded me of post-apocalyptic settings, where someone tells the new generation of how the world used to be. Aoba though, he mirrored Izaya’s words from last season, when he discussed Ryugamine Mikado, who’s excited at things becoming messy, at being in danger. Mikado can’t handle the peaceful life. Does Aoba look to Mikado because of said nature, or is part of the reason Aoba wishes to fan the flames because he wants to give Mikado what he desires?

And speaking of everyone mirroring Izaya this episode, what about Kasuka (Yuhei)? He observed people because he doesn’t understand their feelings, so he wants to understand the people. What of Izaya, who also observes people? Does Izaya observe people because he understands them, or because he doesn’t? As Simon told him last season, other people actually understand Izaya pretty well. Namie was proof of that. Izaya himself professed to love people, so being left out makes him sad. Izaya loves people, and he does wish to be loved. He keeps reminding Shizuo he exists, because he needs others to reaffirm his existence.

And of course, speaking of monsters, Saika is acting up, Egor is in town, and now we have Ruri-chan as well. The monsters are living alongside people, but are acting up. They simply threw it out there, Saika turning humans on its own, for its own ends. That’s some serious shit. It was interesting, how the show actually went and showed us what all the small references and unexplained moments (how Egor was controlled by Saika, Aoba noting Mikado’s tenseness) actually meant.

Also, it’s hard to say which couple is sweeter, Shinra and Celty, or Ruri and Kasuka. It’s also hard to tell who’s the monster and who’s the human, from those four, eh?

P.S. Dotachin sure was in a punching mood this episode, eh?

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