Durarara!!x2 Shou Episode 2 Notes

January 17th, 2015.

So, we’re back in Ikebukuro, and the show feels as if nothing changed, but unlike what our dear Ryugamine Mikado says, people did change. We’ve had hints, of people chasing Celty, of a mysterious serial killer, but it’s time to shake things up, and give us some plot. Something to keep Izaya interested.

Post-Episode Mini-write-up:

Durarara!!x2 Shou anime episode 2 overview

So, let’s start with the obvious question – how is it relevant for us to hear of all the new Raira academy students in order to understand what’s up with Celty and Shinra? And it’s obvious, because all the stories in Durarara!! connect to one another. Celty’s money was found by the twins, who ran into the man Shizuo smacked silly (and here we see the “Damn thieves!” moment from the previous episode), and who might end up being treated by Shinra. Everything relates to the Dollars, and Mikado is going to meet with the other student who wants to be in the dollars, and is now involved with the twins…

… and yes, explaining how Durarara!! works gets very silly, which is why we actually watch it, rather than discuss it, right?

And here we get to the other thing about this episode. When I go over all that happened in this episode, it’s like I watched three episodes. I’m not talking just about all the disparate storylines, which will fit three episodes, but justhow much happened. Also, Durarara!! has a huge cast, of very interesting characters who stand out, and we’re introducing even more?

I can get why Orihara hates his sisters. He loves people, he finds them interesting, which makes him want to know what makes them tick. So why would he hate his sisters, aside from being annoyed by their presence? Because there is no reason or rhyme. Why is one bookish, and wears gym clothes everywhere? Because she flipped a coin. There’s nothing deeper there.

Also, they’re fangirls, of Shizuo’s younger brother. There’s that, too.

I did like how the new student, Kuronuma Aoba stressed out several times that he’s not chivalric, and he’s not doing it for justice – otherwise, he should’ve stopped the vandals before they scribbled on Kururi’s table. You know who else is like him? Kururi, who watched them vandalize her own table and did nothing about it.

And you know who else is like those two? Izaya. Izaya who does things not because they’re sensible, but because they’re more fun. And that’s the real reason Izaya dislikes his sisters – they remind him too much of himself. And it’s interesting that the girl acting like Izaya finds herself fond of someone who is like her brother as well, like herself.

And of course, Kida really does hate Izaya.

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