Durarara!!x2 Shou Episode 1 Notes

January 10th, 2015.

For those who don’t know, I absolutely love Durarara!!, and I love how connected it makes me feel, to the big wide world, with Ikebukuro as the main character. A large part of that is a form of immersion. Note-taking, screenshot-taking, all of those will get in the way between me and my enjoyment of this expected treat. So I’m going to workvery hard against my nature, and against my habit, at this point, of note-taking.

I wish me luck. I wish myself luck so friggin’ hard.

Thoughts and Notes:

Durarara!!x2 Shou anime episode 1 overview - Celty on her horse

OP – This was nice. An energetic rock song, not hard, not trying for anything. With the huge cast of characters, reminding us what everyone’s name is certainly doesn’t hurt, but I think you’ll be absolutely lost if you don’t remember who’s who, and it seems as if the number of characters is going to double. Yikes. It’s a good thing every character thus far is so memorable. Also, did Simon appear? I must have missed him.

Also, interesting, using the OP for about 20-30 seconds of reminding us of events from the last season.

ED – Another energetic member. I found myself nodding along as I alt-tabbed because there were no graphics to really look at. Two great songs. Well, Durarara!!’s sound design was always great, even if I didn’t always like its OPs/EDs, I could always appreciate them.

This is like we never left Ikebukuro, like Durarara!! never left us, except that the light novels being pimped have shifted. As Sonohara and Ryugamine run around to see Celty, we can see people still taking up the name of the Dollars to intimidate others, and we can hear Shizuo beating the crap out of someone after one of his typical snaps.

It felt like we’re just back at Ikebukuro also because of the music that played. A combination of the old tunes and some new. But there was music at every single moment. It was overpowering, it was overcoming everything, just as it always had, with Durarara!! as we weaved back and forth between the serious, the hilarious, and the ridiculous.

I do find it interesting that in terms of theme, it feels as if we’ve gone back to episode 12, rather than episode 24 – it’s the question of Izaya’s boredom, and perhaps Ryugamine’s. “We haven’t changed,” he said, but they need new things to interest them. Izaya complains that there’s nothing to interest him, but what about that serial killer?

This episode was very much “Business as usual”, showing us the old routines, while peppering them in with the new (Shinra and Celty’s new “mother”? More time with Izaya’s little sister who’re absolutely crazy (over Shizuo’s brother)). And now it remains to be seen how things will disrupt the balance, but at the same time, as everyone still just goes about their lives.

In other words, it’s time for more Durarara!!, and nothing could make me happier.

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