Denpa Kyoushi Episode 1 Notes

April 5th, 2015.

First Impressions:


Denpa Kyoushi / Ultimate Otaku Teacher anime episode 1 notes - Underwhelming art

The underwhelming style of this show.

OP – Reminds me of Assassination Classroom’s OP, in that it has multiple voices, not necessarily “good singing”, coming together to give something energy and charm. Unlike that OP, however, this one is serviceable and bland at best, and quite annoying at various other sections. Eh. As for visuals, nothing special, but reminds us all this is going to be a harem.

ED – Cute. I actually like this. Not special, but thoroughly enjoyable.

Welp, I actually had to check twice to verify this is by A-1 pictures. Characters models aren’t enticing or very well done, there’s no real animation to speak of, and everything that wasn’t CG backgrounds just felt incredibly flat and lifeless, and especially the characters.

Voice acting is also a mess. While I like Kamiya Hiroshi (Monogatari’s Araragi, Durarara!!’s Izaya) as much as anyone else, I don’t think he’s a very good fit for this role. His younger sister’s voice just sounded very “wrong”, and Amamiya Sora (Aldnoah.Zero’s Asseylum, One Week Friends’ Kaori), her two voices, going from a deep and serious voice to a voice that you then have to think of as falsetto also felt wrong. The singing on the roof were nice, though.

Plot / Themes:

Denpa Kyoushi / Ultimate Otaku Teacher anime episode 1 notes - Uplifting message

Quirky teacher fixes students’ lives, uplifting message galore, yes, yes.

Your standard “quirky teacher goes to school and makes order of the disorderly class,” I guess. The unfortunate thing here is that it seems we’ll be spending several episodes as we introduce the potential harem members/problem students one by one, before we actually get to see the group antics, and things playing out.

Nothing here feels bad, and I chuckled at several places, but nothing here feels fresh or original in any way or form. Alas.

Perfectly average, which is fine if you’re looking for “more of the same” content. It might very well transform once all the main characters are introduced, or it might not. We’ll have to see.

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