Death Parade Episode 1 Notes

January 9th, 2015.

So, an episodic show dealing with the nature of humanity, containing a “Tiger or princess?” question, perhaps philosophical, by Madhouse. Let’s see how it is.

Thoughts and Notes:

Screenshot album.

1) Meeting:

Death Parade anime episode 1 notes - The morbid dartboard.

1) A couple having to compete? And perhaps sacrifice themselves for the other? Interesting, and they’re going with this for the first episode, all out.

2) “Quindecim” – Wish the translator read fansubs, “Queen Decim” pls. “Quindecim” does mean “15” in Latin, which might prove out to be the actual meaning. Also, “Quinques” in Tokyo Ghoul, are they the 5 fingers of a hand?

That also means “Decim” is a “Ten”.

3) The creepy throwing board dart with the organs on it, yikes.

4) “If pierced by a dart, you will feel pain.” – Also something that wasn’t true in Death Billiards, where it only seemed symbolic.

2) Competing:

1) Interesting, how Decim actually spells out they can just avoid hitting the target, and that the game will be open. This isn’t about “ingenuity”, it’s about decisions, so he’s presenting to them all of the options.

And then Decim drives the dart deep, and twists it, “But then you’ll lose.” Which he of course only does after the players are suitably impressed that their lives are on the line.

2) Due to her injury, Machiko slipped, and hit her husband, oh my.

3) And he slipped and hit her stomach, in the double, and he also happened to think of her speaking to another woman at the same time. Are the shots manipulated? Is this blind luck? Hm.

4) Both of them have 475 points now, with only Machiko having an arrow remaining. A tie.

3) Bidding an Ugly Farewell:

Death Parade anime episode 1 notes - Takashi can't take killing his child

1) “This was predicated on us taking from one another to begin with. Seven darts were never enough.” – 500 points, the most you can score with 7 darts is 350 points. Also, the whole game is about giving to the other, giving pain. Though I guess you could take that as a form of “Taking”, taking the absence of pain.

2) Death Parade is a show about humanity, pushed to the limit, and beyond, to stress-test their, well,humanity.

3) Takashi is apparently filled with hatred, and that’s why he keeps saying it’s not his child, but it’s because he doesn’t wish to believe he’s the one who killed his own child, by not trusting the woman he married.

4) I think she now plays along not because it’s true, but to ease her beloved husband’s pain, faithful to the last.

5) Machiko and Takashi before, and Machiko and Takashi after.

OP – Haha, wow. The show makers have had a lot of fun here. I expect this to be a more morbid and thoughtful series, even if not “restrained”, but everyone from what I assume to be the staff being silly and merry? It was unexpected, and you could feel the energy and fun blasting out.

ED – Solid rock ballad, sort of? It’s a nice touch that we see the couple’s wedding pictures.

“What did you think of it?” – “It was awful.” – As if they’re asking us, about the content, not the show, mind. “You’ll soon get used to it.” – That’s the most awful thing of all, and what we, the viewers, certainly hope won’t happen – when humans losing the last vestige of their humanity will no longer leave an impact on us.

Post Episode Thoughts:

Death Parade anime episode 1 notes - Takashi going into the elevator

So, they actually told us where each went. Who’s been rewarded and who’s been punished though? Some religions view reincarnation as punishment, and the end to reincarnation, the cessation of life, as the reward. While others obviously see it as the opposite. We know where each soul went, but did Takashi get sent back to life so he could undo his past sins, or because he earned? What of Machiko? Is her soul hopeless, or it’s reached its utmost state? We know where the souls went, but that doesn’t mean we know why.

Supposedly, this is no longer a “Tiger and Princess” sort of situation, but it yet remains one – did Machiko lie to her husband, or did she tell him the truth earlier, and then lied to ease his guilt over killing them all due to his jealousy? Was she so broken in the end because of his hatred for her, and of sorrow over his state, or because of dying, and the lies she had told? Who knows.

This is still a show about humanity pushed to the edges and beyond, in order to remove, reflect, and test what it is that makes them, that makes them human. I’ll be tuning in next week as well, for sure. Seems we’ll be focusing on the staff, and of course, speaking of ending on an open note, what did the trainee wish to ask Decim?

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