Concrete Revolutio Episode 8 Notes

November 22nd, 2015.

Different Shades of Justice:

Post-Episode Write-up:

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou anime Episode 8 notes - Hitoyoshi Jirou wants to be an ally of justice

This is what it means to be a kid in Concrete Revolutio, it’s to take comfort in a simple position, where you can discard the historical context of actions, and things that are “too complicated” for you. This is what it means to be a superhero, to know clearly what right and wrong are, judge them in a vacuum, and act on them.

This episode, thus, is in close relationship to episode 2, where Fuurota growing up was exactly him wrestling with this idea, or rather, its ramifications. And speaking of the distinction between good and evil, or evil and “justice” (and those who are “just”), there was the post-ED sequence, which I hoped you all watched out, where the would-be adult Daitetsu goes back to a more clear and stratified view of good and evil. This will also relate to the third episode’s ideas in particular, but we’ll get to that shortly, before that, a small aside for translation and the concept involved.

This moment was pivotal to the show, and even though I won’t presume to say I know Japanese, this one phrase, “Seigi no mikata”, is one I understand and think is very important to the show. That phrase stands for both “Superhero” and “Ally of Justice”, with the implicit assumption that they mean one and the same, right? Well, this show is all about unpacking that, and decoupling it, perhaps. Perhaps, for reasons I’ll get to soon. But here, in this moment, and when we saw Rainbow Knight in the prior time-skip, did they say they’re fine with not knowing right and wrong clearly, so long they can be “just”? Or rather, an ally to the just? Or did they say that they’re fine with not knowing right from wrong clearly, so long they can still be superheroes, in which case one wonders what being a superhero means. It does seem they meant mostly the former, as translated, but the double-meaning here feels anything but accidental, and more than just drawing our attention to it.

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou anime Episode 8 notes - Daitetsu Maki / Otonashi Yumihiko asks whether the enemy of good is evil

Ok, so I put off two things, which I’ve been driving towards. Episode 3 introduced the idea of “multiple justices”. This is the idea the whole show from episode 3 up to now had been circling around, indirectly referencing. Shiba Raito, the android detective, accused the robots of having to agree with his sense of justice, and if they disagree, it meant they didn’t know what was truly justice, whereas Jirou told him that perhaps it means he’s not really just. Last episode in particular worked on that divide, as being an “ally of justice”, or rather, Earth-chan’s ally, is what people see as being just. And there we had in episode 3 pre-time-skip the important moment where Kikko said every person has their own sense of justice.

So is Jirou an ally of justice, and thus that makes everyone in opposition to him unjust, such as Kikko, Daitetsu, and the rest of the Bureau? Or is he unjust, and thus, those who oppose him are justice? Daitetsu has the right of it. If he’s just, then opposing another just person doesn’t make him unjust, but he should also not assume everyone he opposes with justice on his side is unjust. Earth-chan saw lies as evil, and liars as unjust, but it’s sometimes not just about intentions, or clear-cut actions.

The bureau then. Yoshimura says he does something he doesn’t want to, but should, is this because he’s coerced? I think it’s not that simple, but him saying he’s doing what he thinks he does for justice – he might not know what’s purely good or purely wrong, but he’s doing his best to do the right thing, to be on the side of justice – including fighting against a friend, because his goal demands it. There was the non-trivial fact that the episode ended (pre-ED) with the same line it began, with doing not necessarily what you want to do or believe in, but what you must – The Superhuman Bureau opposed the FDE, which last episode they worked hard towards supporting? More lies, more deceit, not because they’re evil, and perhaps not because they’re unjust, but because they follow a different shade of justice.

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Updated Timeline:

Note: Shinka Calendar seems to correspond to the Showa Calendar. Year 19 = 1944, or World War 2, etc.

  • October 14 – Jiro’s father meets GaGon in the Pacific Isles, loses “Maria”, a native shapeshifter? A month after World War 2 broke out. Episode 4.
  • August 17 – GaGon faces off against American Superhumans in the Pacific Ocean. 9 months after Pearl Harbor.
  • Year 19 – A war of some sort (World War 2’s equivalent). Referenced in episode 3.
  • November 29 – Invisible Kaiju appears, Emi chooses to appear as an adult, Jiro’s father finds him naked and unconscious. Episode 4.
  • January 34 – Flashback sequence. Giganto Gon breaks Jiro out of the laboratory where he’s held. Jiro wants Giganto Gon to destroy everything. Episode 5.Robot-GiGantor defeated by Rainbow Knight who saves Jirou (Episode 8), baby GaGon meets his adoptive brother. Episode 4.
  • March 38 – Rainbow Knight kidnaps Daitetsu Maki and other superhuman kids, to protect them and/or gain money for their release. Dies for it. Episode 8.
  • July 40th – Judas is part of the criminal organization The Diamond Eaters, confronts Earth-chan and vows to become good. Episode 7.
  • January 41 – 6 months before Kikko joins. Grosse Augen first appears as a Kaiju vanquisher. Call for “more magic” instead of science within the Bureau is made. Episode 4.
  • June 30th 41 – The Beatles play in Japan, their powers bring forth more superhumans, or at least open the potential for some. Mountain Horse group becomes superhumans. Episode 6.
  • July 41 – Kikko joins the organization, Jirou goes against orders and saves Grosse Augen. Episode 1.
  • Between July and August 41 – A month after Kikko joins, just before Fuurota joins. More Kaijus appear, various superhumans fight them off. We meet Earth-Chan and Kaiju-using robbers. Grosse-Augen “replacement” takes up the burden. Episode 4.
  • August 41 – Fuurota joins the organization, kills the bug species. Kikko with the organization for one month.Episode 2.
  • November 41 – 3 months after Fuurota joins, humans confirmed as creating Kaijus. Mini-GaGon and Kaiju-lovers introduced as Fuurota’s friends. Episode 4.
  • February 42 – Bombing incident with android detective. Episode 3.
  • June/July 42 – Master Ultima returns from Mars, Bureau leaders revealed non-humans, expose their own Kaiju-creating ring. Jiro unleashes his arm. Episode 4.
  • July 42 – USA throw away a Space Kaiju’s remains near Okinawa. Kaiju-sympathizers grab remains and begin agitating against the establishment and the Superhuman Bureau. Episode 5.
  • August 42 – Protests by students begin, Jiro forced to become a Kaiju, faces off against Mega GaGon. Mega GaGon killed. Episode 5.
  • October 42 – Mountain Horse group tries their luck as superhumans and quits it. Fuurota infiltrates the Sugimoto media group. Episode 6.Same time – The superhuman Bureau recruits Judas after his release from prison. Face off against Earth-chan and try to get her aid in changing public opinion to sway protests against Japan joining the Earth Defence Force (against evil space-men). Earth-chan is given the ability to dream. Ullr (Kikko’s familiar) plots with Emi. Episode 7 (References October 8th 1967 Haneda protests).
  • November 42 – Mountain Horse band brings down Sugimoto Media Group’s plot to block superhumans’ powers. Dee of Mountain Horse band dies. The Bureau now knows of the Sugimoto group as their enemy clearly.Episode 6.
  • January 43 – Daitetsu Maki, now Otonashi Yumihiko and the other kidnapped kids (presumably) are an unregistered superhuman group, BL Club, who stage thefts by “The Eye of Lucifer”, Rainbow Knight’s old nemesis. Yumihiko and Jirou speak of morality. Superhuman Bureau is asked to stop opposing the FDE. Episode 8.
  • ~Year 44 – Kaiju wave of attacks dies down. Episode 5 reference. Likely a reference to the 990 days of the protests following the Haneda Protest ending. Episode 7.
  • October 44 – Jiro tries to recruit Mountain Horse and they decline. Jiro’s quest is revealed as gathering superhumans to take on the Superhuman Bureau. Superhumans appear to be illegal. Fuurota goes and meets him. Episode 6.
  • ~Year 45-46 – Osaka Earth Expo, relevance unknown. Episode 6 reference.
  • April 46 – Jiro is an enemy, ex-Grosse Augen helps him, Kikko declares love. Episode 1.
  • February 47 – Male android returns. Android detective now fugitive. Episode 3.
  • April 47 – Judas, Jirou, and Megasshin (fused android) more break into a lab to retrieve Earth-chan’s stasis/broken down form, vowing to return her to her former glory. Episode 7.
  • October 47 – Jirou fights Yoshimura (time-controller, “Jaguar”), Restored Earth-chan intervenes, and then so does Daitetsu. Episode 8.
  • August 48 – Bug lady comes back for Fuurota, he learns what he’s done, gets saved and comforted by Jirou. Episode 2.

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One comment on “Concrete Revolutio Episode 8 Notes

  1. exof954 says:

    Yeah, this show is definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s juggling all these multiple plot threads without dropping a single one, and its flash-forwards each affect how we view the “present”, which is in turn changing as well- and as it does, people start to slowly change as well until we reach the view that was presented to us in those flash-forwards.

    It had briefly occurred to me before, but this episode /really/ got me thinking about the comparisons between this and Fate/Stay Night, with all this talk about “justice” and “ideals” and “good and bad”, “superheroes” and “supervillains”. Though there hasn’t been as much of the latter, which I have to say is actually a good thing, and (admittedly) this show is handling its stuff a lot better than Fate did.

    Thanks again for these write-ups, they really help to put my own thoughts into perspective around this show!

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