Concrete Revolutio Episode 2 Notes

October 11th, 2015.

The Loss of Innocence:

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou anime Episode 2 notes - Dog Fuurota says he'll never grow up

For those who need help with keeping track, the premiere was in July of year 41, and April of year 46. This episode was in August of year 41, and August of year 48. Meaning, Kikko’s been a part of the Superhuman Bureau for a month, and in the latter half, Jiro was an enemy of Fuurota and the others for over two years already.

If I had to decide what this episode’s theme was, it was “the loss of innocence.” In the end of the episode, Fuurota says he doesn’t understand, and that if it’s because he’s a kid, then he’s willing to grow up. But he does understand, which is exactly why he takes it so hard, when he’s told what he’s done, and why his friend is so angry and sad. Fuurota is a ghost who can control the way he looks, and if you look at the future-Fuurota, you’ll note his colours are much more muted, and his expression much more serious. Fuurota grew up, and the world he’s lived in isn’t as it seems any longer. Fuurota understands, and when Jiro tells him it’s fine to not understand, it’s not merely because remaining innocent is to be desired, which is probably the message the show went for, with Fuurota as the “mask of innocence” that Jiro is trying to preserve, but because there is nothing to understand, not properly, no matter who you are.

If I look at the theme of the episode’s structure combined with that of last one, the show is very much using the time-skip to give more depth to the choices made by characters, such as last episode, Jiro went against the Bureau in order to save a human, even if he shouldn’t have cared for him, so him going against the Bureau is probably not necessarily “wrong”. It’s to show us the results of people’s actions and decisions.

Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou anime Episode 2 notes - Crying Fuurota wants to grow up

This episode, it wasn’t just the part with Campe and Fuurota that the time-skip illuminated, but Jiro and Kikko, and that weird comment last episode from Kikko about how she’s 20 now. Kikko wants to be with Jiro, she even joined the Bureau for that purpose, so Fuurota’s comment on how he and Kikko should stay together because she doesn’t age the same way as humans really hurt her, because it meant that the more time that would pass, the distance between her and Jiro would only grow, rather than shrink.

And that’s the last thing I want to touch on, which is how this small segment is another example of Fuurota’s growth. Fuurota was trying to break Kikko’s heart, on purpose, just so he’d have a shot at being with her. A child’s infatuation that sees nothing wrong with harming others, same as when he abused the Ice Cream Lady’s store. That’s not a Fuurota that would cry over harming his friends, which is why the Fuurota that was so distraught over harming Campe’s compatriots is not the one we meet at first.

Not just Fuurota’s palette became much darker in the future, but the entire show’s. I do hope we get some more of that, personally.

Correction: Ice-Cream moment was in the “future”, in year 48, after he was more grown up. I hold he was still more mature, more “tarnished” than he’s been before, but it shows he’s still held onto part of his innocence, or mischievous and perhaps selfish nature. Or it could be read as an attempt to return to his old haunts and life, when everything was far simpler.

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