Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Episode 12 – first with Dekomori continued episode 11, it felt like “What a wonderful life,” with Yuuta realizing his world is coming down around him as a result of his words, but then they made us laugh with Kumin-senpai finally developing Chuunibyou.

I really think episode 11 was about “conformity”, when what Rikka had been doing was just acting how others would like her to act, rather than how she wants to act. Episode 12 brings that home, when she even sacrifices Yuuta, because that’d make her family happy, which is what Yuuta kept telling her to judge decisions by, essentially.

Yup, Rikka’s story, it was better and cooler than living the way other people wanted you to, it’s all about conformity and free-will here, not being special.

Yuuta is riding his bicycle like a stupid person – for a long road, you need to conserve your energy. Let’s put it another way – Yuuta is riding his bicycle like a man in love, he can’t hold back.

It’s not about being special versus conformity, but being selfish versus sacrificing yourself to the will of others.

Now I know who Rikka reminds me of, crying, looking like a child – Madoka, especially as a child in the movies, and Akira, from Valvrave. And I always manage to have an emotional connection to those characters, voiced by Yuki Aoi

“Self consciousness” – that is indeed the disease at the core of all RomComs :p Well, and the fear to be true to yourself and admit it.

Well, if we begin S2 and they’re together, it’d be so refreshing, been a long time since we saw a couple allowed to be a couple. They always cancel the shows when it gets to that stage. QQ. Guess animu-fans can only handle it up to that part, and anything beyond is too far out of their frame of reference :P

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